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Seven Innovations which Changed How the World Does Business

Business has existed, in one form or another, since the discovery of agriculture. From subsistence trade to highly specialized labor division, business has driven the development of society as we know it. Few changes to the way business is done, however, rival the impact these seven innovations had on the world of commerce:

Even the earliest businesses had to transport goods from one place to another, and now modern technology has progressed transportation to the point where we can haul, ship, or fly goods all over the world. Transportation innovations have expanded the geographical reach of certain businesses, creating the global economy we see today.


Industrial Robotics
The Industrial Revolution thrust the world into a new age of mass manufacturing and assembly-line production. The introduction of industrial robotics in the late 1960’s created a new manufacturing environment, increasing productivity, and could easily be likened to a second Industrial Revolution. Businesses were finally able to meet increasingly high demand for goods, ushering in an era of robotic workers and even faster production rates.

MBA Programs
In the late 19th century, business owners desired to take a more scientific approach to management, and the MBA was born. MBA programs teach business theory as well as offer students a well-rounded education in the practical side of business, including subjects such as finance, marketing, and operations management. According to a curriculum consultant for MBA programs in Denver, these programs are designed to prepare graduates for the realities of modern business as well as train future business leaders in a way that they hope will improve business practices worldwide.

Computers changed the storage of information and increased the ease of access to that information. Data processing originally required many employees and were subject to human error. By the late 1970’s, computers were regularly being used in businesses, and their use has continued to increase into our modern age. Now a computer is a staple requirement for any business to function.

Use of the internet has revolutionized business communications and marketing outreach. Today’s modern business can function almost entirely through the use of the internet with innovations like instant messaging, email, and cloud storage.

Wireless internet access has changed the way businesses connect to the internet and increased the capability for remote office access. Businessmen and women are no longer tied to their physical offices. Though most businesses still make use of an office, management and office administration can now be handled anywhere with the invention of wireless internet, and offices are easier to set-up without the need for each employee work station to be hard wired into the local servers.

Mobile Devices
Cell phones and tablets have increased productivity outside the office. Business owners, management, and employees have access to email, web activity, and even remote server access from just about anywhere. Many cell phones and tablets allow for access through 4G networks broadcast by cell towers eliminating the necessity of WiFi access.

Without these innovations, the world of business would look very different today. It would more closely resemble the business worlds of yesteryear where limited access to business operations reduced productivity capabilities.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The most interesting and unusual models of mobile phones

Mobile phones have become the essential part of our daily life. But if they were very simple and easy to use 10 years ago, now they look like masterpieces and work incredibly well. Each of the models of mobile phones described below is worthy of the whole  custom essay   about but we made just a short review.

Stun Master 800,000 volt
This is a phone that looks like a small and cheap phone, but actually converts into an electric stunner. Removal of a fuse from what looks like the volume control allows access to the shock control.

They are available in three shock sizes, but have now been banned from being taken on planes in hand luggage or on a person. This is because an FBI agent found that a similar model had been converted into a gun by a Serbian who was attempting to take it onboard.

LG Optimus 3D
All of the phones are trying to add new features. They would create a phone that could flush the toilet if they could. Nevertheless one of the most sought-after features is a higher resolution screen.

LG just went that little bit further, as they are now offering a phone that is capable of 3D imaging. They have a duel camera function that takes two slightly different photographs to make the image appear 3D.

Ilkone i800
This is a standard phone with all the perks, but is set up to remind the Muslim owner to pray five times per day with mandatory reminders. Though being reminded to pray may have some Muslims on their knees, what is more likely to bring them to their knees first is the price.

It is a shocking $496 for a standard phone with the 5-a-day reminder. It just goes to prove that the manufacturer (Ilkone Mobile Telecommunications) certainly knows a few things about profits.

Motorola WILDER/EX130
This model has two screens; one for each eye. The main big screen is a 2.8 inch resistive QVGA touch screen. The second is a smaller OLED 0.7 inch screen with a smaller resolution.

Is a phone that is the size of a digital watch? It has all the features, including a touch screen interface and all the perks you would expect. It was made by those technological geniuses - Hong Kong. That’s right! It is a third generation device designed in Hong Kong which probably explains why it is only $100.

Dell Streak 5
The Dell Streak 5 is an Android phone that has a five inch screen. The other biggest smartphone screens are a maximum of 4.3, making this model the one with the biggest screen on the market.

Xian Yan Wang XYW 3838
Are you sick of going to the viciously overpopulated china and having your phone stolen? Tired of pushing through the crowded streets only to notice that your phone has disappeared from your pockets, along with three buttons from your pants and one of your shoe laces?

The XYW 3838 is a phone that looks just like a packet of Chinese cigarettes. Unlike the plastic rock to hide your keys under -that looks like a plastic rock, hence an advert to all local criminals. The phone is based upon a very popular brand of Chinese cigarettes. Unless it is lit up, it is hard to distinguish from a regular packet of cigarettes. Let us just hope that Chinese thieves don’t smoke.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play
XPERIA Play is PlayStation certified. It is like the mobile Playstation of old (PSP). It has gaming controls that slide out. They mimic what the PSP players would expect to find on their portable Playstation.

NeoWood Cobra Limited Edition
A Swiss company made a wooden mobile phone from Neowood, and then had the cheek to charge € 349. Apart from looking pretty and unusual it also floated. Unlike their company which was flushed after just 12 months of trading.

Pantech C790 Reveal
It offers a numerical keypad and a QWERTY keyboard. It uses the numerical pad when the phone is in its normal state, but turns into a keyboard when the extra sections slide out. It is reminiscent of the HP Palm Pre series.

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Monday, 24 March 2014

7 Amazing Gadgets for Quick Cleaning

Quick cleaning is a mystery to anybody who does not have a cleaner in their house whilst they are at work. There are gadgets that help you clean, and while in the past they have been novelty items that only do half a job or that take too long to work, there are now some that do work and do the job they are supposed to without you having to work extra hard. Here are seven gadgets that you can use to help you clean, with all of them allowing you to get your housework done faster if they are used correctly.

1 - Roomba

This is the sort of invention that people have been dreaming about since the electric vacuum cleaner was invented. They used to have cartoons where vacuum cleaners would run amok and start vacuuming up everything in sight and from that point people wanted vacuum cleaners to skirt around the floor doing to work for them.


Then out comes the Roomba--and its crap! It gets stuck on lumpy surfaces, it misses dirt, it cannot pick up all the dirt in one go and you have to keep emptying it. But, that was back in the days when we couldn’t get a robot to walk without strapping a small child to it. These days your Roomba is so advanced that it will go round and apologize to the neighbors if it’s Hoovers too loudly at night.

The Roombas of our day and age are incredibly advanced to the point where if it does leave a bit of dirt on its first run then it will return later and scoop it out. They even recharge on their own, which was the biggest problem with the earlier ones. They are finally pulling their weight and they are now worth the small fortune you have to pay for them.

2 - High Pressure Drain Buster Toilet Sink Unblock Plunger

There is not really a brand name that has stuck with this device. You may also find it called the Wastepipe Blast Un-Blocker. It looks like a large pump to pump up your bike tires with. You push the rubber seal into your sink (or even your toilet) and push air through to clear the drain.


And, the great thing is that it works perfectly and gets the job done on the first time almost every time. Many people find it a little anticlimactic that you have bought that cheap but effective device, slowly clogged your drains only to use it and find that it did the job too quickly. You find yourself dropping dog hair and bacon rind down the kitchen sink so that you can give your new toy another go.

3 - Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub 800 Vacuum

This is a vacuuming and mopping device. You are able to vacuum up all of the nasty dry dirt and once that is done you may switch to wet mode where you may mop up your surfaces. It is not a carpet cleaning device.


4 - The solar powered air purifier

The dust in your house can be cleared out by simply having an air purifier. The problem is that they cost a lot of electricity, so your best bet is to power it by solar power. It is only a fan running through a filter so it does not need a massive amount of power. You can find a solar powered one or connect up a solar panel and enjoy not having to dust your surfaces as often.


5 - The Sonic Scrubber

This is a hand held device that looks a little like a drill, but what it actually does is scrub areas at 10,000 times per minute. The idea is that instead of you scrubbing away that hard to remove dirt, that the tool will do it for you. It has interchangeable heads and has just come down in price recently so may be worth a purchase.


6 - Windoro Windows Cleaning Robot

This is a very expensive device that is mainly sold in obscure parts of Europe. It uses a magnetic system to climb your windows and then uses micro fiber pads to clean them. It is not perfect and it has the same trouble that the early Roombas had (especially with just a 2 hour charge) but if you hold off a little while then this device may become more advanced and worth your time and money.


7 - Robomop

That’s right, there is a robo mop, but sadly it only collects dust. It is a shame since the automatic wet-mopping device would sell to anybody with a hard floor and a nervous dog. Sadly this device uses an electrostatic dust pad to gather up the dust on your floor. The benefit is basically that if you walk across your wood floor without socks on then the bottom of your feet turn a dirty grey or black color, and all of this can be avoided with the Robomop on hand.


Author’s bio:
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Keep a check on the heated electronics

Electronic applications, especially gadgets are always in the hands of youngsters and with the increasing trend, these applications are extensively used across the globe. Today, computers, laptops and mobiles are very important in the personal life too. However, the more and more useful the electronic machines, the repair and maintenance should be equally prioritized.

Extensive use of laptops or computers is not good for both human bodies as well as for the machine. The powerful machines are being misused extensively by elders and younger people for games. The prices of these machines are significantly reduced due to excessive competition in the market. Playing games is highly stressful to the person and it increases mental problems.  Overheat is one of the major problems that are faced by most of the users due to extensive use. Remote management West Palm Beach provides fine solutions to all types of electronics. Computer repair West Palm Beach delivers its quality services.

They are experts in repairing the computers and in providing services for all types of computers and laptops. Due to excess heat the computers life time decreases and the speed of the machine also reduces.

Remote management West Palm Beach is a specialist in providing the best combination of cooling fans to sink the heat and make the computer run for a longer duration. The current combination of GPU with CPU is gaining significance as this combination is successful in preventing the excess heat. The CPU is the important portion that gets heated up, hence it is to be taken care of and the right type of action should be taken against it for the better performance.

The laptop is not an exception from being overheated. It also gets slowed down and do not function properly as it gets heated up. Clogging of the dust particles is responsible for over heat of the laptop. One can take necessary steps to prevent the clogging of dust particles. At times the owner of the laptop can solve this problem. Using compressed air flow the clogged dust particles can be removed and the lifetime of laptop can be saved to some extent. Remote management West Palm Beach or the computer repair west palm beach provides valuable services regarding the electronic instruments and make your job comfortable.

About the author:

I am Mitch Harmatz a blogger, computer engineer student and webdesign enthusiast. I like to write on freebies, news, tips and tutorials for the web design community.



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Y theater when home theater is available

Enjoying in the theater with a family or group of friends has become burdensome. It is costing bit expensive in a theater with all amenities. The only solution to avoid such expenses and to enjoy similar environment is to prefer home theater installation west palm beach. These theaters would surely make your desire of watching your favorite actor or actress on the big screen. If you are still incapable of going for a home theater there is another alternative option that is TV installation West Palm Beach.

One can have more fun and enjoyment sitting at home with all your loved ones and friends. You can avoid all the unwanted people sitting and shouting at the theaters and long journeys in the polluted roads. Now-a-days the DVDs are not taking much time to get released. Little patience will help you in making the best way of entertainment on your way. The technology is well advanced and the TV installation West Palm Beach or the Home Theater Installation West Palm Beach provide similar features as that of theater and gives you a complete assurance of theater environment.

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Home theater installation West Palm Beach and TV installation West Palm Beach are experts in the design of the following home entertainment devices: 3D televisions, home automation for electronics and lighting, modifications to the current devices, automation of the HVAC systems, etc. the employees of West Palm Beach are highly talented, experienced and expertise. They provide customer appreciable services and achieve the best laurels with best services. It is high time to think of a theater outside your home. Make an appointment with the West Palm Beach and ensure your home theater is installed in the shortest possible time and gift your loving family the best entertainment you can provide.

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I am Margaret Sullivan a blogger, computer engineer student and webdesign enthusiast. I like to write on freebies, news, tips and tutorials for the web design community.

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Android Eclipse: Five Reasons To Choose Android Over Apple

A rivalry has raged between operating systems (OS) since a choice became available decades ago. The rivalry has now extended to smart phones and other mobile devices like tablets. The two main competitors today are Android and Apple. Making a choice may seem difficult, but here are five reasons to choose Android over Apple.

More Apps

Android has a much larger share of the worldwide market than Apple. It is also easier for small businesses and individuals to develop programs for Android. This has resulted in a much larger selection of apps for the OS. Additionally, Android apps do not have to be approved before they can be released. Apple actively restricts what apps are available.

Customization Options

Nearly every part of the Android OS is far more customizable than any Apple device. For instance, Android devices can have the home screen customized; there are ways to switch the default apps for different tasks; Android has widgets that provide live information right on the home screen; and it is even possible to root an entirely different version of the Android operating system.

Wider Choice of Hardware

Android was designed to work with many different hardware configurations. The iOS was designed to work exclusively with hardware setups approved by Apple. Because of this difference, there is a much wider selection of devices and hardware components when using Android. The OS can easily manage devices with SIM cards, extra pluggable storage, and nearly any other type of component.

Better Multitasking

Though both Android and Apple provide multitasking abilities, Android allows for much easier, more efficient, and more robust multitasking. Swapping between active apps on an Apple device can be cumbersome. Android devices have a simple multitasking button that is always accessible. This makes it easier to switch quickly between running apps and recently closed apps.


The final reason to choose Android over Apple is cost. The truth is that Apple products cost more because there is a premium attached to the brand. The distribution structure for Android lowers the initial overhead for manufacturers. It is also possible to get Android devices that have newer and more powerful hardware features than the tightly regulated Apple products. Lower cost allows for a better value when choosing Android.

It is always important to look beyond the marketing, especially when choosing an OS for a mobile device. Although Apple has established a very recognisable and valuable brand, the products do not always meet the needs of modern consumers. The large market share Android enjoys today is because the OS is functional, customisable, and powerful.

About the author: A recent college graduate from University of San Francisco, Anica is a full-time freelance writer. She has already done articles for a variety of industries, ranging from technology to beauty to health. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. For questions about SIM cards and the Android OS, check out the electronics experts at Bell.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Skeletal Electricals Motorcyles with power pack

Designed by Paolo De Giusti, this motorcycle is designed with great passion and desire. The red-black and grey models have their own significance.

Red black models (900SD) designed to be romantic. This model has 903cc engine with direct injection and turbo diesel for fast racing. This is inspired by Moto Guzzi productions.

The grey model is based on the frame of the 900SD model.In addition it has an eye pointed at the future.Two electric motors in each wheel for traction and braking energy recovery. It has large removable battery pack and 2 fixed backup batteries. It uses shared system battery.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Technology and Retirement: The Top 5 Ways Technology Helps the Elderly

With medical technology improving in leaps and bounds, the elderly are living longer with full lives even into their 90s. Technology enhances their lives in other ways by bringing loved ones closer on a daily basis. From immediate medical assistance to brain memory games, technology helps the elderly stay connected to the world.


Security Systems
Through Vivint home security and automation, elderly people can communicate with a security professional if they feel threatened. If your loved one hears a suspicious sound outside, they simply press the control panel to engage in two-way communication. Security professionals can send emergency or medical personnel to the site, if needed.

Doctors Play a Role
Doctor's visits can be numerous as you age, but some appointments are simply a well-being checkup. Through video chats, your doctor can contact elderly patients for basic appointments over the computer. Although physical checkups are still necessary, remote patient monitoring helps the doctor stay in touch more often for better care.

Why does that hurt ?
A tablet or smartphone offers several applications, or apps, that explain medical symptoms and procedures. If an elderly person has an ache or pain in a specific area, it is possible to get an idea about the problem's severity. A pain that seems benign may be a precursor to a more dangerous issue, including heart attacks.

Emergency Pendants
In the past, emergency bracelets had an engraved description of allergies or medical issues. With technology, these bracelets use QR, or quick response, scanning tools. A medical professional simply scans the code to pull up all of the patient's information, from current medical issues to past surgeries. Similar to having a bracelet there is also a pendant that is monitored by  Vivint security. This is pendant is pressed whenever seniors are placed in an emergency situation and will immediately send a signal to send the professionals.

The fun stuff
Elderly people that are isolated tend to have poor health. Contact with family and friends brightens their days. Social media, either through status updates or pictures, connects the elderly to everyday adventure on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Seeing a favorite granddaughter's spelling bee video to watching a funny animal video online keeps the mind refreshed and active.

Through stimulation and proper medical care, technology refines the later years with excitement and connections with others. Old high school friends and new grandchildren are just a click away in this advanced world.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Craziest Cars of the World

There are a lot of people out there who have done many kinds of crazy things with their cars, but turning their cars into one of the exotic and strangest looking vehicles are quite rare to see on the road, but they do exist and there are many infact which will blow your mind. Get ready for the list of the most craziest cars of the world.

The Duke
One of the strangest and craziest cars belongs to Rick McKinney, who lovingly calls his car the "Duke". Without an inch of empty space on this heavily modified 1976 Ford Grand which happens to be weighing over 5000 Lbs., is a museum on wheels. 

What does this car have to make it look like a museum? Well it has many kinds of things attached to it, on the exterior part of the car there are many fisher toys, and other children's toys, bowling pins and such, and even TV set parts and a window from a ship that was once owned by the President Herbert, from his personal Yacht. This car reaches heights of 12 feet and even has a bedroom that's 5 foot x 8 foot x 5 foot made from tree trunks that has a removable skylight. Insides include photographs and more toys.

The Datel Communications Car
Howard Davis a friend of a telecommunications company Datel Communications, which is a telephone company based in Massachusetts has made his 1975 Volkswagen beetle's exterior fully converted into something very unusual. He turned his car into a giant phone with the numbers and everything all functional, and the car is a spectacle being over 5 foot in height and displaying bright red colors. It's a funny giant phone going down the road.

Gene Simmons Face Car
Yes it's true, a car that happens to be the face of the famous bassist Gene Simmons for the band KISS. The car is over 4 foot tall and the exterior has been fully modified to resemble the face of Gene Simmons with his tongue sticking out quite brutally. This car is one of the most craziest looking cars by far. The car can be yours for only 10000 Pounds, but keep in mind that it is still just a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle. Driving this down the road can sure turn quite a few people's heads, ironic isn't it?

David Crow's Shoe Car
Now If you're tired of wearing your old shoes and can’t find that perfect shoe to match your Red dress then you may as well go on a date with David Crow as his car is a wonderful red shoe, perfect to go with that dress. 
The Red Stiletto resembles a nice shoe that you could drive while people might think they are suffering from some sort of hallucinogen, but yes David has designed this perfectly well adjusted shoe automobile by using parts from an old Honda motorbike. He spent nearly four years of his life but why? Well because he had teased his friend about her shoe collection and wanted to make up for it! Way to go David you sure did impress a lot of people as well.

Real Life Bat mobile
That’s right, it's for real and it's simply amazing. A group of rich enthusiasts who have made a real life bat mobile with most of its functionalities costed nearly 1 million pound to build and was built by a team in Florida calling themselves Galag. The group is anonymous and the car is just what it looks like, the bat mobile out of the movies of batman.

Get your dvla contact number ready so you can inquire about how you too can own these cars. 
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Is Smartphones OS Safe To Use

When it's about the major apps or latest technology, both the  Android and its boundaries  start getting smudge very fast. Choosing a tablet or Smartphone is very well-considered decision because switching from iOS to Android or from Android to IOS insist user to buy apps again in the Google Play or Apple app store. Android is used by many different phone manufacturers and it is now the world’s most commonly used Smartphone platform. Whereas ios is only used on Apple devices, like the iPhone. 
Nowadays, Android and iOS are very common word and plays a major role in the technology and latest technology users or Smartphone lovers .They are always eager to know more and more about the new technology. The tablet computer is developed by Google and other brands, whereas on the other hand Android is an operating system (Linux base) designed for Smart phones. At the other end  iOS is a mobile operating system distributed and developed by Apple Inc.
Both Android and ios are user friendly operating systems for Smart phones and tablets. Google releases the license of Android and it is an open source operating system which is now the worlds most widely used platform for Smart phones  All major brands providing handset for cellular services like, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, BlackBerry, uses Android for their Smart phones 
 There are 750 million Android devices working in the market  and near about 75% of market shares of the Smartphone worldwide. Android 4.2 is the current version of this operating system. On the opposite side, Apple has a market share of only 31% of the Smartphone. It is quite impossible of installing iOS on non-Apple hardware,  because Apple doesn't give license of iOS for any non-Apple devices. By using multi touch gestures the typically iOS operating system is based on direct handling. iOS 6.1.3 is the current version of iOS.

More than 8,00,0000 apps in Google pay are available for the Android based Smart phones  Whereas Apple has the most apps about 8, 40,000 in its app store. According to test based on a recent study that Apple provides the best quality apps than Google. As per the Test the iOS apps are superior because the Android apps that got a score of 63.3, whereas is score 68.5. It's also published in a Read write story in the first month of this year. The iOS  based Smartphone users use the Internet more than Android, furthermore, these two operating system is more apt in terms of apps and Internet browsing.
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