Sunday, 10 July 2011

Facebook advantages and disadvantages

Facebook a social networking service founded by Mark Zuckerberg created a revolution in digital communication era. It was officially launched in 2004. Prior to Facebook, Orkut a social networking site from Google was popularly used by many people around the globe. Eventually,Facebook with its marketing strategy took over Orkut.
Since then, its been the popular social networking site .

Over 750 million active users are on Facebook.50% of active users log on Facebook in any given day.Average user has 130 friends.People spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. These are facts from Facebook Statistics.

Growth in Telecommunications, usage of Smart Phones , 3G/4G services and digital media made people to use Facebook extensively. Now Facebook is part of 750 million people in their daily life to share their thoughts and activities.

Facebook provides facility to share digital media (photos,videos) to friends,family and others. Also many users enjoy playing games in Facebook.

Many users get opportunity to make new friends, few find their childhood friends and few their loved ones.

Couple of year ago,Facebook has introduced "Facebook Connect" through which Facebook account can be used for entering thousands of websites. Few sites doesn't allow if one
doesn't have Facebook account.

Apart from so many advantages, Facebook usage has disadvantages.

More concerns are being raised on PRIVACY of Facebook user. Many Facebook users are not aware who are viewing their shared information and content. They are not aware how their personal information is used by Facebook and other networking sites.

Facebook users are forced to share information to everyone in their friends list.
Though many hesitate to share, there is no alternative for this.

Is there any alternative ? Yes, says altly. Let's wait and see...


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