Sunday, 10 July 2011

Google+ Quick Look

Now, mail boxes are flooding with Google+ invitations.
People are gossipping about Google new way of connecting people.

What exactly is Google+ ? Is it better than Facebook ?
So many questions about this new Google product.

Google+, long awaited product from Google, a well customized version of Facebook kind of social networking site.Concept  looks similar to Facebook but presentation is quite different and organized.

Facebook doesn't distinguish between friend, family member, colleagues ,acquaintances or others in  our Facebook account. People use Facebook to share but they are not allowed to choose whom to share what. All are members in Facebook account are treated as friends.People doesn't have control
for the content they are sharing on Facebook. This is really a big concern of Facebook users.

Using Google+ is better solution for this problem. Google+ project allows you to organize members in your account very easily and changing settings are quite easy.

It has introduced a concept of circles which allows you to choose list of members of same category.
This is quite helpful and protects privacy and allows you to choose whom to share what. Web interface is cool and  really fun.

Google+ team is working hard for providing more additional features to compete with Facebook. Lets wait and see.

Official Google+ video from Google+ team. Have quick look.


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