Sunday, 10 July 2011

HP TouchPad will it be a real competitor to Apple and Samsung ?

One more competitor for Ipad has arrived into market.
Hewlett-Packard(HP), the world's leading computer manufacturer, has officially announced its new HP TouchPad.

This TouchPad comes with WebOS, the mobile operating system developed by Palm, which Hp took over for $1.2 billion more than a year ago.

WebOS is really good operating system for multitasking.TouchPad also runs 3G cellular networks.HP has announced that the size and cost of HP TouchPad will be equal to Ipad2 size and cost.

But below are few Turn-offs compare to existing products (Ipad and Samsung Galaxy) in market
  • No enough apps.
  • No rear camera
  • Heavy weight than competitors.
  • More thicker than competitors.
  • Front camera can be used only for Skype
So lets see how TouchPad competes against major players in Apple,Samsung and others
in market.
Fore more details check this video below:


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