Saturday, 16 July 2011

HTC status arrives in market with unique button for facebook

HTC has come up with HTC Status powered with Google Android OS.This smart phone has unique button at bottom for facebook compared with other smart phones in the market.

Pressing this facebook button will take you to a separate window which actually allows you to write status, share a link or photo or video to a friend.

Whenever you get a message or notification in your facebook, then light behind this facebook button starts blinking for your attention. You can call this as a social networking phone because it also contains twitter integrated into it.


Android Operating system
2.6 inch touch screen,
Full keyboard with facebook button.
512 internal storage with included 2Gigs microSD.
Supports all Android apps available in market
Arc shape design which makes chatting ease.
Front camera and Rear 5MP camera
The Status sells for $50 with a two-year 3G data plan from AT&T

For more details about HTC Status click here

Watch this video for brief overview


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