Tuesday, 12 July 2011

ipad HD Rumors all over the world

Apple getting ready for iPad 3.They are planning to name it iPad HD. According the reports Apple idea would be to create a "Pro" version, like the MacBook- pro targetting high end market.

iPad HD will have a display with "High definition resolution (HD)"  and lots of pixel density.
It comes with Ultra high resolution 9.7 inch screen, 2,048x1,536 pixel resolution depth. Almost twice the resolution of LCD Panels.

With these high resolutions iPad's viewing pictures,HD videos,Video Chatting and reading e-books will be fun. Letters in ebook will appear more sharper and doesn't strain your eyes.

iPad HD along with iCloud facility will be fun to enjoy music any where any time.

Coming to games, the higher resolution graphics would certainly bring a greater degree of realism to certain types of games.

No news about the chip used. Apple may stick to A5 chip instead A6 quad-core which not feasible to
release this fall.

Even there are no rumors regarding  iOs5 but we need to still wait and see for iPad HD till iOs5 gets ready.

Only one guy in the world knows for sure when iPad HD releases. Guess who ?

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