Sunday, 10 July 2011

iPhone 4 new SLR camera Gadget from Photojojo

Iphone 4, a wonderful mobile gadget to own in current digital world. It comes with rear and front cameras. Rear camera is good enough to capture decent snaps for sharing with Friends and Family.

This feature is an added advantage to iPhone users. There is no need to carry their compact digital cameras along with them all the time.

What if iPhone4 comes up with a new hardware to attach Digital SLR lens to its powerful camera ?

Yes, Photojojo store released the iPhone SLR Mount, a hardware attachment that  allows you to use your fancy Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lens while shooting pictures with your iPhone.

With this additional add-on hardware we can even get good resolution snaps.In current world, smart phones are arriving with sufficient mega pixel resolution features. But the lacking feature is zooming lens which are used for capturing exceptional shots.

We need to wait and see for further enhancement of this product.

This product is available in market with decent price of $249 for the iPhone4 version. Buy here.


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