Friday, 22 July 2011

Modular PC : Laptop with two tablets

Using Laptop for Home and Business and tablet for entertainment has become a common trend. Managing them is really hard task. Will there be any product which transform tablet into laptop when required ?

What if you can combine two tablets to make a laptop ? Is it practical. Yes it will be. This modular concept is designed by a Mechanical Engineer Juan Esteban.

This is really amazing product which gives you the flexibility to use it the way you want.Combining two tables will be your Laptop or desktop screen. The base will be a handy keyboard and entertainment platform to play around with.

This product has capability of 3D rendering,video,music and other features the laptop and tablet does.This product was one of the entries in Fujitsu awards 2011. This multimedia device will surely compete with existing Laptops.

Source: coroflot

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