Sunday, 10 July 2011

Notepad Alternatives

Since evolution of Windows, notepad is the text composing software which comes as part and parcel of Window Operating system.

Though its standard software for composing text, there are no additional features for advanced users. in notepad.
Many people wonder if there are any alternative softwares to notepad.
Yes there are.

                      3. Win tail

Notepad++ is a free software. It allows you to highlight string or set of strings. We can even open texts in tabs.

Baretail is fantastic software for capturing runtime logs and also log monitor. It also provides automatic string highlight features which makes easy to identify particular text in runtime logs.

Win tail is similar to Baretail but no automatic string higlighting feature.

Use Notepad++ as an alternative for notepad for composing text.

Baretail and Wintail for runtime long monitoring.


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