Thursday, 21 July 2011

Zoom in outside world through car window : Window to the World TOYOTA

 Toyota Motor Europe along with Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design has come up with a new technology called "Window to the World".

This is technology looks amazing. Using this "Window to the world" concept people inside car can know more information about the outside world.

Sitting in a car, listening to music and gazing outside world is the normal way. But with this technology, you can pinch on the window and zoom in into the outside world picture and see things clearly. This technology can also be used while car is in motion. Best part is this concept is interactive. It names the items you pinch through car audio system.

Behind every amazing technology,there will be one or the other problem. Problem here is the privacy. Using this technology may not be practical because, people don't want other to sit in car and monitor about them using this concept.
So,lets hope this technology will come up with various precautions to restrict the traveller insider the car to access only limited and useful information from outside world.

Watch this video to experience "Window to the World"


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