Friday, 26 August 2011

Keep your hands germ free using Futuristic Sanitizing Device

It really annoying with conventional sinks available in bathrooms. We turn on tap with dirty hands, clean our hands and again turn off tap with clean hands picking dirt on the tap. It doesn't make sense. Of course many public restrooms have switched to hands free taps now.There is a chance of disinfecting your hands in public places.

According to gajitz,the Clea Hands Disinfection Device is a small machine that features two strips of sprayers which, when you place your hands between them, douse your digits with disinfectant. After a few seconds, the disinfectant evaporates and you are left with clean, germ-free, refreshed hands.

The Clea Hands device was designed by Mukomelov Studio to improve the hand sanitation practices in restaurants and other public places. Rather than fiddling about with sinks (admittedly, even the automatic faucets are a bit of a pain) this invention would let visitors easily keep clean hands with a minimum of effort

When swine-flu hit, people were suggested to clean their hands now and then to prevent from it.These type of devices will help to prevent from Swine-flu and  to maintain hygine in our daily routine.

Source : gajitz


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