Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Disney Remote controlled iPhone Dock : Inspired by Tron Legacy Movie

When it comes to iPhone docks, there are many qualities available in market. To choose the best one, it is very difficult. If you choose the best, it will be quite expensive because nothing comes for cheap.

Inspired by Disney's epic movie, Tron: Legacy, Disney in collaboration with Monster cable has come up with a Artistic colorful dock station. Monster cable is the world's leading manufacturer of high performance cables for audio/video components.

If you have seen Tron:Legacy movie, then you will be familiar with this disk shape with a glowing ring around it.

You can even find Tron logo printed on the dock.

This dock station features futuristic style and high definition sound. A special Tron app for iPhone/iPod is developed to control the soothing soft blue color light ring. Apps makes you light ring follow the rhythm of your favourite music.

Look wise this is pretty amazing and you can feel the real quality of materials used. Coming to sound, it is pretty impressive and delivers sound quality more than your expectations. Sound will be crystal clear,sharp and powerful.

As you can see, this device comes with sleek and impressive packing. Inside dock is protected with several plastic sheets  to prevent from scratches. 

Not but not  the least, it will come with a handy remote control for your comfort.

If you are true music lover and an artistic gadgets lover, this will be a  must own item in your house. So, why to wait rush and empty your pockets. Don't worry there is no need to empty your pockets. This amazing dock is just $159.

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Source : tuvie and amazon


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