Saturday, 24 December 2011

3D printed Kite can fly and completely airbrone : Must see video

I am sure, its difficult to guess about the cube shaped object in the picture below.Secondly,its difficult to believe it a kite. Do you agree with me? Yes its a 3D printed kite designed by UK based engineers Sash Reading, heather and ivan morison.

This kite is prepared with 1700 3D printed connected segments and was engineered and manufactured by Queen and Crawford. Regardless of the size of this 3D cube kite, it has capability to fly as conventional kites because of its light weight composition of carbon fibre rods and cuben fibre aerospace fabric used to prepare them.

Overall, this is an engineering master piece which provides a key to invent many airborne transportation in near future.

Check this must see video

Three Cubes Colliding from Jimandtonic on Vimeo.

It will really fun to fly this kite and we may need to learn few techniques from Slash reading. Click here to know the techniques how to fly.

Source : technabob


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