Sunday, 4 December 2011

Neo-Cube : Entertainment device like no other device in the World

Thinking of best Christmas present for your kid ? Still you haven't decided yet ? Why not try something different and fun that your kid loves. This product is not only for kids, it can entertain all age groups. This product name is Neo-Cube.

The NeoCube is an entertainment device like no other in the world.Composed of 216 individual high-energy rare-earth magnets, the NeoCube allows you to create and recreate an outrageous number of shapes and patterns.

Your NeoCube will provide you with hours and hours of unequaled entertainment! The NeoCube Alpha is perfect for gaming, expression, stress relief, dual hemispherical brain stimulation and much more.The NeoCube Is literally a puzzle with billions of solutions.

Check this video yourself:

So, grab Neo-Cube as Christmas presents for yourself and your kid at Neo-Cube

Source : Neo-Cube


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