Friday, 2 December 2011

Privacy Monitor by Dimovi

Are there occasions where you thought of having privacy when you are starring at your computer ? Especially when you have a colleague who keeps on popping his head towards your Monitor from behind, it's really annoys you isn't ?

 If you have Internet, then privacy watching is necessary.If you are given a privacy monitor which allows you only to watch it. How will you feel ? Amazing !!. 

If you have a old LCD monitor in your garage you can prepare privacy monitor yourself. This sounds funny but its true.

A talented chap name dimovi has explained step by step procedure to make a privacy monitor from your old LCD monitor available in garage.

He first choose a old monitor, open it put, peel the polarised film using a x-acto knife,refit the monitor back.  Prepares 3D glasses with polarised film extracted from monitor and shows how the magic work.

Check this video yourself.

Source : Instructables


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