Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dropping iPad from 1,00,000+ foot using G-Form iPad case : It survives ?


Is it really worth to drop an expensive and attractive iPad from 1,00,000+ foot ? You should directly ask this question to G-Form iPad Case test team. They will say a big "YES". Everyone iPad owner one day or the other will drop his most loving gadget iPad . If it is 10feet, or less he/she are lucky,if not its really difficult to think about the situation.

Do we really want to risk dropping iPad one day or the other ? I dont think so. There are many iPad cases available in market to protect your iPad from free fall. One among them is this "G-Form iPad case".

Bese part in this case is that it can protect your tablet from 1,00,000+ foot. Just watch this video in which G-Form team show their demonstration of dropping iPad from more than 1,00,000+ foot distance.

This looks the best case for iPad. What do you say ?



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