Thursday, 26 January 2012

Have a safe driving with CellControl : Saves life from accidents

Talking or Texting while driving make situation more serious. One should agree that many recent accidents are caused by the driver getting distracted by cell phones.

As we are emerging into new world of wireless technology,we are getting very much addicted to smart phones. Though Government has imposed many laws to restrict people in using cell phones while driving, there is no much change observed. People pickup a call or text while driving thinking it will be quick. But they don't realise that if accident happens it will be very very quick.

In order to help people from picking up calls during driving, Scosche has come up with a new device called CellControl. It literally blocks mobile signals in a moving car.

This device plugs into the OBD-II port which is a standard port available in all cars manufactured after 1996. This device blocks texts,browsing,calls etc while the car is in motion. It will literally lock the device.
It is smart enough to know when the car is in motion and allows signals to go through when the car is stopped. One great thing in this device is, it knows if you have plugged a hands-free device into the phone and lets your signal operate normally.


This will save your life and also helps you to make sure that your son or daughter are driving safely without any distraction. This device has one more extra feature. It has capability to send a message to your phone when cellControl is disabled or unplugged.

It costs $130 which is very reasonable when compared to the multiple costs of cellphone related car accidents. What do you say ?



Hope it saves many many lives in the process.

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