Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Make your iPhone completely waterproof with Liquipel coating

How good if your iPhone is Waterproof ? Is it possible ?  Yes, there is a way that you can waterproof your iPhone.

Its not a cover  or any other physical material which totally covers your fancy looking sexy iPhone. Its a chemical named "Liquipel". A coating of Liquipel on your iPhone will make it waterproof.


If you want to make your iPhone waterproof, you need to pay $60 to Liquipel 

Liquipel are charging $59 to $79 based on your requirement. Check details below.

1. Standard  Liquipel $59.00 Next Liquipel Treatment completed
    1-2 days of receiving your device.

2. Priority  Liquipel $69.00 Next Liquipel Treatment completed
   Two hours of receiving your device.

3.  Liquipel & Gadget Film $79.00 Next Liquipel Treatment & Gadget Protective Film 
     applied 1-3 days of receiving your device.

When you pay $79, along with Liquipel coating, you will receive Gadget Film. Gadget Film provides long-lasting scratch protection for your device. This transparent super-thin film will be applied directly to the surface to maintain the beauty of your gadget.

Liquipel currently provides above services to iPhone,HTC,Samsung and few smart phones. You just need to choose your phone model, enter your pin code for delivery, make payment,ship it ,Track it and wait for your  water proof iPhone :).

Check out this promotional video which shows how your water prone iPhone changes into water proof iPhone.


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