Thursday, 12 January 2012

Polaroid SC1630 Camera Phone : Camera with sim card

It's a known fact that Smartphone camera lack optical zoom.When you are buying a digital camera, first you will look for optical zoom and next the digital zoom. But when you are buying a smartphone, that is not the case.We compromise with the internal lens and digital zoom. We end up paying fat price for smart phone and digital camera.

With current trend, smart phone manufacturer are introducing making phones slimmer to attract its customers. There is not surprise if they introduce 1mm thin smart phone. In this situation do they add extra optical zoom support ? I don't think so.

So it is clear that its difficult to add high resolution sensor which serves optical zoom to a smartphone. Then why cant we add smartphone features to a camera ? Yes Polaroid did the same.


Polaroid is known for its innovative camera products. With its new "Camera Phone SC1630" it has attracted many peoples attention at CES 2012 in Las Vegas this week.

SC1630 in simple is a camera with a sim card slot. Just buy a sim card insert and enjoy phone and camera features.

Since this product is a baby, it has its own camera limitations. With 3x optical zoo, 18 scene modes, Android Os, 3.2 inch touch screen, Web browser,Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity it provides all features which a Android smartphone support.

Earlier we had similar products from Altek Leo. But, Altek hasn't made any kind of dent on the mobile world at all. Hope Polaroid will succeed and add more features to this Camera Phone


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