Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sexy Transparent iPhone 5 : Is it real ?

Part of Mac Rumours we have seen "iPhone 5 leaked images from MacRumors" and  "iPhone 5 leaked images from MacRumors" which were amazing designs. Many  fell in love with these designs. Today we are going to see one more sexy  iPhone 5 transparent design.

Top most popular post in MrTechpathi website  is "Transparent Lithium Batteries for Transparent Gadgets are available now". With this you can image how people are eagerly waiting for transparent gadgets.

There are few [rumours] articles making rounds in Internet about transparent iPhone 5 which is going to change everything again. Its a fact that iPhone has totally changed the meaning of mobile phone. I am sure you are going to believe, if I say that there are peoples who actually love their iPhone than their girl friend :). Don't pose this question to me :). 

If iPhone 5 is transparent, would like to have glance at it ? Here it is.

How do you feel ? Does it look great ?  I guess your answer will be a big YES.

I feel transparent iPhone 5 is sexy and looking great. It will be amazing gadget to own. Only problem I see in this design is the monochrome icons. Conventional app icons of iPhone are colourful.

Check out this video. After seeing this video, do you think Transparent iPhone5 is real ? Are these people making mockery of it ?




That was fuckin hilarious! I still want one

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