Friday, 23 March 2012

Buzzy Bluetooth Webcam

Designer Anoop M has come up with a webcam concept which looks quite pretty. Smart feature about this webcam is it works using bluetooth technology. Currently, this idea is a concept design.

Inspired by Robots, the design is well crafted with a camera in front. The ability of the camera to move around after attaching anywhere to your PC is pretty amazing.

I still wonder why webcam with bluetooth are not popular. Being wireless will be really comfortable and easy to use. I agree there are many bluetooth webcam's available in market but I don't really think they are meeting the customer expectations.


Once everyone believed that bluetooth technology will be our future. But because of bluetooth limitations in data transfer, no one are caring much about it.

This buzzy webcam concept looks attractive design wise but not sure about functionality wise because still this is a concept design.

Hope this pretty robotic webcam hits markets soon.



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