Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Future Wrist Watch : Amazing Concept

Designer F.Bertrand has come up with a future watch  concept which is very attractive and simple. Looks wise, you call it future bracelet or future watch or future wrist smart phone, it will be must own device for sure.Let me address this as our future wrist watch.

Main concept behind this future writs watch is to provide user a user friend interface with touch screen and apps similar to smart phones. Having a 3G support  and bluetooth support  will make us to use this as a smart phone.

With all this great features the this watch also keeps some basic functions of a watch, like keeping you updated with the current time.  The innovative watch concept would keep the application you use most at easy access, and would even change the icons location on the strap according to the position of your wrist.

Some of the other features available on this innovative concept are the possibility to track your pulse and even your emotions.

If this future watch become real, will you buy one ?


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