Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Best iOS 5 features in Phone/iPad/iPodTouch

The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users hardly take advantage of the newly added features to iOS updates. Navigating on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will be a little easier after the latest  iOS 5.0 and 5.1 updates.

Some of the best iOS features of my choice are discussed here:

Tap and Delete Apps:
You can delete multiple apps at a time on your iOS 5 device in the following way:
Settings ==> tap usage ==>get a list of your apps and the file sizes ==> Select and tap on the apps to be deleted ==>Delete App button.

Keep Apps Folder In Dock:
Keeping the apps individually or in a folder and then putting  it in your phone’s Dock will save a lot of screen space. This feature is particularly usefull for iPhone and iPod touch as they have luch less careen space than the iPhone.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts---the great time saving feature available on the device should not be missed at all.

How to assign?
Open Settings  ==> General== > scroll down to Keyboard==> Shortcuts==> Tap the upper-right + button ==> add a phrase, name, or frequently used word ==> assign a shortcut to it.

Some useful tips:
Use a combination of letters within 2-4 letters that don’t make up the first few letters of a real word and is easier to remember. Once you type a shortcut in a text box, the assigned phrase or word will appear and then to insert it tap the Space bar.
Quicker Access to Camera:
With the updated iOS 5, you can now access the camera app even from your Lock screen and to save your time you should slide it up rather than tapping that may cause delay in activation.

Again to take a photo in landscape position, you just need to press the volume-up button to activate the shutter on the iPhone.

Turn Off Automatic App Download:
After the iOS 5 has been updated, any app purchased by you will be automatically downloaded on all your iOS powered devices. To avoid this problem, launch the Settings app==> scroll down to Store==> turn off automatic downloads for Apps.

To manage the type of notification for individual apps,

Choose Settings ==>tap Edit ==> choose  Notification Center ==>re-arrange the order of app notifications.

Digital Zoom:
This is a handy feature in the iPhone camera app, where an object can be zoomed in simply by pinching on the screen with two fingers and it will bring up the 5x digital zoom. However, as it is a digital zoom, you cannot expect a sharp focus from it.

Use Flip board:
This is a free RSS feed magazine app for iPad. Viewing Twitter, Facebook etc will be a much better experience for you with this app. Best suited for better and quicker viewing of stream posts, links and attached photos.

Create Playlist:
Similar to iTunes, you can now create playlists in the iOS 5 Music App.
Download Music app ==>tap on “Add Playlist ” ==>Create a title for the playlist ==> save ==>tap to add favorite songs from your Music library to the list.
These are some of my favorites but there must be many more apps which have not been included here. So, feel free to add your ones at the end of this article.

Author Bio: Sienna Williams a technology writer who enjoys writing about new mobile phones coming together.  And currently I am writing on sell my phone and recycle mobile phones.

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