Monday, 14 May 2012

American Express cardholders and Twitter cooperation

Social networks develop at a rapid speed due to fast growth of computer services and Internet technologies. These innovative systems were a real revolution in 20-th century. Appearing not so long ago they have entered life routine and greatly changed it. No one now imagines life without even spending a few minutes in search of different sites.

Social network that comprises a lot of users and is regarded one of popular ones among ten major social networks is Twitter. Each day new Twitter followers are added due to carefully designed future development scheme.

A new program that was launched between American Express cardholders and Twitter attracted many Twitter followers. This program has a marketing content and is directed to establish tight relationships between customers and retailers.

During time saving methods undergo different changes. Over the recent five years more people look for online savings. According to new partnership between Twitter and AMEX many cardholders can use Twitter for savings. To become a member of this program card members simply have to sync their cards with Twitter at 

Once a card is linked card savings are directly applied and special discount offers are at card holders’ disposal. Good thing about this offer is that there is no need to print a coupon or other card. Savings are directly applied to card and all this process is automatic. 

This is a new link between Twitter team and customers and a new way of Twitter marketing promotion. In this new program launched by two huge giants Twitter and AMEX many brands are involved. And gradually world major retailers express a wish to participate in American Express discount campaign. So it is very easy to link Twitter account to American Express card and once they are linked card holders get discounts when they tweet using special offer hash tags. 

With launching of this campaign number of Twitter user increases. And American Express’s new program is changing Twitter content from communication to commerce by the way delivering real value to both sides.

This new campaign seems to have great popularity and attracts both many Twitter users and leading brand companies.

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