Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Apps to Work Faster With Your Android Phone

Let’s face it: we’re all pressed for time. Between meetings, projects, phone calls, and travel, we barely have enough hours just to stay afloat.

That’s why I’m recommending a group of excellent apps that will help you do things much faster on your smartphone. And because my co-workers and I all use T-Mobile Samsung cell phones, I’m familiar with and partial to Android apps. These are all available on Google Play, and can save you tons of time and data input.


Expensify: Small business owners will love this app for tracking expenses with as little work as possible. Hook Expensify service up to your bank accounts and almost all of the work of inputting and tracking expenses will be done for you. It even tracks cash expenses though receipt scans. (Free)

MobileBiz Trial: This excellent app brings the power of sophisticated invoicing software into your phone, so you can use it anywhere and anytime. Set up templates for estimates and bills, and use the software to track clients’ payment status. (Free)

Square Card Reader: Combined with the physical card reader, this app makes accepting credit card payments super easy. No need to fill out numbers or long forms; just swipe. (Free)

Text Input

SwiftKey X Keyboard: This extremely popular app replaces the standard Android keyboard with one that offers an easy interface for inputting its text predictions. Better yet, it learns what you type frequently, so it will eventually offer suggestions for proper names and other non-standard words.

Inserty: If you spend a lot of time writing e-mails, you’ll want to invest in a good snippet app like this Inserty. This app saves snippets, which are bits of text ranging from salutations “Dear Sir” to entire e-mail messages and document texts. (Free)


QuickEvent: Instead of switching between text boxes and panels to input new events, use the free QuickEvent. Simply type or even speak the details of an event using plain language, and QuickEvent does a remarkable job creating Google Calendar appointments.

WorldCard Mobile: Everyone hates typing out business contacts. This app does an admirable job of reading business cards and turning them into contacts for you. It’s not perfect, but you’ll still save lots of time. ($5.99)

QikCam: When you need to take pictures fast, QickCam does just the trick. With its widget set up, you can launch this app in a flash, and it’ll take a picture automatically. You’ll never miss a shot waiting for your camera to load. (Free)
 Voice Speed Dial: Using this app, you can call anyone right away just by saying their name. Unlike other systems that can’t handle unusual names or that mix up people with similar names, this one lets you decide upon a voice prompt (“Randy work”). ($2.99)

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