Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Keep all songs of a album under one basket in iTunes : Organizing Songs in iTunes

I have been facing this issue from past few days. Didn't get time to sort this out. Today, finally I sorted it out and would like to post few tips on sorting out songs items in your albums.

Organising songs or photos in iPod/iTouch/iPhone are very much necessary and help you to enjoy your music depending on your mood. You know what I mean here.

Many complain that songs in a single album are getting displayed as multiple albums. Its quite annoying isn't ? If you are facing this issue and would like to solve this issue, you have reached correct place.

In order to sort your songs in a album download mp3tag software from here. Its free software and if you are generous enough can generate some dollars through paypal from the same website. Install mp3tag software and run.

Once mp3tag is up and running, add album by selecting "File->Add directory" from Menu Bar. Now key thing comes here. iTunes first sorts all songs in a album based on "Album Artist". So, if you make "Album Artist" column unique for all songs in a album, this will make all songs to fall under a single album.

To perform this, Select all songs (Ctrl+A) and from Menu bar select "Actions -> Actions Quick"(Ctrl+Shift+6). Now you will observe a pop window asking for "Select Action Type". From drop down menu select "ALBUMARTIST" in the feild row and fill in relevant name in "Format String row". Just press OK and Save. Thats it you are done with it.

Enjoy all songs of album under the same basket and enjoy your music.

Believe me it make me very happy to organise all my music albums. How about you.

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