Thursday, 10 May 2012

VPS Hosting for a Picture Blog

Despite the fact that you could use any kind of hosting service for any kind of blog, there are some things you have to consider before hosting a picture blog. When it comes to hosting a picture blog, the data transfer rate, the processing speed and the disk space plays a crucial part. 

And since shared hosting usually does not cut it when it comes to speed and disk space and dedicated servers is too expensive, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting stands out as the best hosting option in this sector.


Today, there are so many professionally hosted photo sites. So the first question that you should ask yourself is, why would you want to buy VPS and host it independently? However, if you have an answer for that lets move ahead and find out why virtual hosting is the best solution for your picture blog.
  •  Bandwidth   : The first and the most prominent thing you should consider, when it comes to photo blogging, is the bandwidth. Unlike as for a text blog, in a photo blog the bandwidth you would require skyrockets as your site gains popularity. And while shared hosting has bandwidth limitations, dedicated servers with higher bandwidth cost a fortune. However, with VPS hosting you can get a higher bandwidth for a reasonable price, plus you have total control over the upgrading of your bandwidth.
  •   Storage :  The next thing, assuming that you are going to have a lot of pictures /photos in your site, is the disk space. You should have enough disk space, and it should be scalable. As your site grows bigger, you would always have to make upgrades to your disk space and VPS servers make the process of upgrading a lot more hassle-free than it would be on a shared server while being cheaper(if not free) than it would be on a dedicated server. Even so, be sure to talk with a support person of the VPS service provider because, even in these technologically advance times, there are some sites that penalize the users for upgrading to a higher storage.
  •  Security : Another thing you should consider is the security of your site. Once you have a huge site with thousands of 10Mb pictures, it wouldn’t be easy to load everything up again, especially if you forgot to back up your site for a while. And since VPS hosting is now powered with hyper-visor technology it can provide the level of security of a dedicated server, but at a cheaper price. 

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