Monday, 25 June 2012

5 Android Apps Exclusively for Men

Android app is a specially designed software programs that are designed to use with Google´s Android operating system. There are different types of android apps and are available from different resources such as Google play, app developing websites and from Amazon app-store. Most of these apps are designed to function in various medium such as Google TV, tablets and Smartphones.  There are two different types of app available for download. They are premium apps and freely downloaded apps. Anyone can install new and sophisticated apps on android phones using Android app market. 

Uses of Android Apps
Android apps have varied uses, but the hardware capacity of the phone decides the limitation of each application. Mostly these apps are used, to make phone calls, listen music, view and edit pictures and to browse on the internet. Though android is a Google product, they also have their own application to access their products such as maps, mail, chat, translation software and so on. On the other hand, there are several third-party applications that will allow the user to do various online activities. Third party android apps help the user to access varied activities such as play games, check the flight status, foreign exchange business movements, social networking websites and so on.

How to download and install
Downloading and installing an android app is really easy. There is a direct access to the built-in marketplace where the users just need to search for the required app. The user just need to type the name of the app he requires and the search machine will do the rest of the job. Most of these programs are free, but some are of premium quality. Premium quality means the user have to pay to download the program to his android phone. Google offer a secure way to download an android app through their own payment system.

Top 5 apps for Men
There are general android apps and gender based apps. Here is a list of five android apps specially designed for men.
1.       How to tie a tie: How to tie a tie is an android app special designed for men. Most men do not know how to tie a tie. This android application offer easy step-by-step instructions to tie the tie in a professional way. The app also provides good information about different knots that may work with certain special type of collars.
2.       Drink mixing app: A drink mixing app help the user to mix the drinks in a professional way. This is a professional app with more than 8000 drink recipes.  The app also features bar guides and an active liquor store.
3.       Steak grill app: Most men do not know how to grill a steak perfectly. Now, it is easy with the help of steak grill android app. The app also features from how to videos while grilling a steak.
4.       Health workout app for men: This app consists of special workouts for men from the 20 popular workout magazines. The app features step-by-step instructions to perform each workouts.
5.       UbanDaddy: This is an amazing android app for men to plan the perfect date. The app will inform the user with the name of the city and the person you want to meet that day. This is an advanced app for men dating.

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