Thursday, 12 July 2012

Personalize Your Experience With Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III is a successful Android mobile device of the year by Samsung due to some of its extraordinary features that are embedded into its system. This amazing device is a must have Smartphone for all those who desire to have a perfect tab, phone, or notebook in just a single electronic device. 

This new Smartphone by Samsung has a lot of special features to please the Smartphone lovers all around the world. Here are some interesting and new features of Samsung Galaxy S III:

S-Voice: The new Samsung Galaxy S III came up with lot of intelligence that performs actions to help you through your daily activities. You can just ask your Smartphone to wake you on specific time, ring alarm on the time specified, or go mute to reject or answer a call. Moreover, you can ask your phone to take photo on specific time.

All these interesting things are possible in this Smartphone with the help of S-Voice system that is embedded into Samsung Galaxy S III. All these new features are very easy to use so that the users feel free to use these functions whenever they want.

Social tag: Keep track of your friends with the help of social tags. You can link faces from the photo album of your device and get social media updates from the main stream. You will find it interesting that you will obtain updates automatically when you look at any of your friends face in picture.

Direct call: This function will say goodbye to your surfing through call log for the purpose of dialing any number. This new Smartphone will dial number for you when you want to make a call. Samsung Galaxy S III is having a direct call sense tech that will dial number for your calls. Thus, for calling, you just have to put your Smartphone closer to your ear.

Smart Alert: This feature will make you aware of those things that you have missed when you are not close to your phone. When you pick up your device, it will provide a vibrating nudge that will make you aware of those things that you have missed. This is an interesting feature of Samsung Galaxy as several people miss a number of calls or messages in the whole day.

S-Beam: For all the users of Samsung S III, this is considered as a very powerful app from Samsung. With the help of this new app, the users can transfer files or data from their phone without using Bluetooth. You just have to put phones face-to-face, and create a bond. This will let you to transfer documents, files, videos, songs etc. without using Bluetooth.

AMOLED screen: This new Smartphone is equipped with super HD AMOLED screen of 4.8 inch to enhance viewing experience of the users. You can expect ultrafast response from quad-core processor. The screen will have true colors to provide sheer pleasure for users at the time of watching videos or movies on their Smartphones.

Summary: Above are the new and interesting features that you can expect on new Samsung Galaxy S III.

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The New Microsoft Surface Tablet


Microsoft, not typically in the hardware business, made a major announcement in late June. It's called "Surface" and it's a 10.6" tablet computer set to tip the world of portable computing on its ear.

Billed as a hybrid, Surface is a powerful tablet offering a couple of different configurations, a two keyboard options that will make this latest offering a true productivity tool. The entry level Surface offers 32GB and 64GB memory options, ARM chipset, and will run the Windows RT operating system. At a mere 9mm thick, and weighing just 1.5 pounds, this version is a truly powerful and desirable tablet.

The second option will be powered by the Intel Ivy chipset, will run the Windows 8 Pro operating system, and will offer 64GB or a whopping 128GB of memory. This version also includes a USB 3.0 port for ultrafast connectivity to external devices, including storage and Blu-ray drives. It will also come standard with its own "pen" for writing and drawing on the ClearType HD touch screen.

Both Surface varieties are impressive, and the configuration options will resonate with consumers looking for the biggest bang for their buck. It is the keyboard options, however, that will separate Surface from all other tablets, and will no doubt lead to the transformation of the entire class of computers.

Virtual keyboards behind the touch screens have their place in the world of tablet computing. They represent the absence of an additional piece of hardware, and for most tablet users this is seen as a plus. Most tablet users, however, don't purchase their iPads or Galaxy tablets as a productivity tool.

Surface will change all this with two different keyboard styles sure to please all comers. Both versions also serve as covers, which conveniently unfold with the keyboard flat and the Surface at the proper angle for viewing while typing.

The first option is the "touch" keyboard. It's a full size keyboard with keys that are flush, and includes a touchpad for mouse and scroll control. The second option is the "type" keyboard, and comes complete with raised keys for a more authentic typing and input experience.

The ARM version of Surface will be available in time for holiday shopping, with the Intel Ivy version due approximately three months later. We're excited for Surface and for all it represents in the advancement of tablet computing.

Will you try out one of the new Surface tablets?

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Increase Your Backlinks Profile and Traffic With Tools and Widgets

You must have listened big bloggers sharing their success stories which included how they get high traffic to their sites using a tool or a widget developed by them. Or many legends have shared their secret of building hundreds of backlinks by distributing their created tool to other sites webmasters.

But does all these stories are true, can we increase our backlinks and site traffic with the help of a tool and widgets?

I would say YES! It’s possible to build thousand of backlinks and visitors for your site just by using some tools and widgets. But to make this stint of yours work is not a child play. For that one need to follow a dedicate model and plan strategically.

Let see how one can make sure of that their efforts in making a tool and a widget are rewarded rather than going unnoticed:


Tip No: 1 – Don’t Try To be Fancy – Just be Original And Useful

This rule is not for only webmasters but for all those out there who are developing some tool or product. It’s is most important to know that if you are developing any kind of tool make sure it is useful and more important original in its true sense. 

After you decide on the tool, survey the market for similar kind of products available. Review its functioning ad results. Then consider your tool concept and ask yourself that will it be better than the ones present in the market? Will it give better results than those? If the answer is yes, then go ahead but it No then no need to go further. If your tool is not original or better than others, it won’t rank good on search engines and won’t be popular on tool promotion websites.

Tip No: 2 – Go Viral With Your Tool

While making a tool concentrate on keeping it user friendly, don’t make a complex thing which you can only operate and need to learn rocket science to operate it. You tool should be search as well as user friendly. People should also be able to easily share it with their friends. Prominently place Facebook likes and twitter re-tweet widgets on your site. Whosoever wants to embed it can easily find the embed code for your tool on your site.

Ask other bloggers, webmasters in the community to share your stuff. Make easy arrangements for others to invite their friends and share the tool with them. If your budget allows then share some sort of incentive to invite more and more friends.

Tip No: 3 – Share It with Other Webmasters

I know it is you who had spend hours and even hundreds or thousands of dollars in making the tool, then why should you share it with other webmaster for FREE.

But one has to share their tool with other webmasters who will republish it on their website or blog. If you give it away for free chances would be more that you could easily convince most of the webmasters and get hundreds or even thousands of backlinks to your site, (don’t forget to embed your link in the plug-ins). Whereas if you charge for sharing it chances would be half of making sales.

These backlinks will help you in improving your ranking in the search engines. Other advantage would be of thousands of visitors to your site who could be the prospective buyer of your product.

Tip No:4 – Make Use of Available Platforms

Initially you would have developed your tool on one specific platform, but later on duplicate it on other platforms available.

It will make it useful for wider range of audience. For e.g. if you have developed your tool in plain HTML then duplicating it on Wordpress will make many wordpress developers interested in your product, then further target Drupal and Joomla prospective buyers with respective version of the tool.
If one mobile version of your tool is getting enormously popular, write another version of it for the iOS users. Then launch another version for the Android store. With every new launched version of your tool you will tap new spectrum of audience.

As long as your tool is truly useful and original, all these tips will work in your favor and help in spreading your tool to new horizons.  Building stronger and wider backlinks profile, more buzz around and higher search engine rankings.
So next time you build a tool even a minor one, follow these tips and use your tool to build backlinks and traffic for your site or blog.

Author bio: Catherine Jones writes for VoIP service providers. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.