Friday, 10 August 2012

Samsung PN60E8000 plasma TV review

This Samsung PN60E8000 plasma TV review is about the most popular and feature plasma TV that is popular in the market, it is a full featured TV that is not just a “monitor” but a smart TV that can pick up voice and hand gesture but can log in to the accounts just by the facial recognition. It includes a camera, microphone, includes the upgradable dual-core processor, a high speed web browser. 

The box is also full of accessories which include the second touch pad remote, also the 3D glasses it also includes the Bluetooth IR blaster. These are all of the most sought after features that are asked in a plasma TV and an attraction for everyone.

The picture quality of the plasma TV is very good. Comparing the picture quality to the other models in the company we can say in the Samsung PN60E8000 customer report the same picture quality can be achieved in a lower price if you buy the PNE6500. The PNE6500 has the same picture quality as the SAMSUNG PN60E8000.

The color of the stand is black unlike the previous gray colored stands. It is a chrome plated stand and it is also splay legged. This frame is actually thinner than the previous stands it is also sleeker than the previous stands. This sleeker finish adds a touch of class to the TV.

These 2012 TV menus of Samsung Company look the same as the previous years and are very user friendly and user can easily find his way around the menus. The interface of these menus is the same with bright opaque blue with the rounded edges and the text size is easily readable. There are explanations of the main menus and fast response timings are observed in the constant animations.


·         THE BEST POINTS:
The picture quality is one of the best in the Samsung PN60E8000 series, there are a new level of black colors which makes the picture a way better, resulting in accurate colors, it also has a good video processing and a real depth 3D. The box is also full of accessories which include the second touch pad remote, also the 3D glasses it also includes the Bluetooth IR blaster. It has motion and voice commands which provide the Smart TV platform. This is one of the best designs of plasma available.

·         THE BAD POINTS:
The company charges very much for the additional features added and the features are un necessary and not included to its full implementation. The shadow details is not competitive to its competitions plasma TV’s, the bright room performance is also not competitive. The output of maximum output is also dim.

In this Samsung PN60E8000 customer report we have seen that these series come with good picture quality, but the most attracted clients are the ones who like all the cutting edge gadgets in their plasma TV.
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