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MySpace is Making a Comeback

I know it might sound like the very early 2000s (I promise it’s not) but MySpace is trying to make a comeback in the social media market. While this is not the first reboot, it does look to be a more promising attempt than past efforts to rebrand the once relevant social media platform. The new site, which can be previewed already, does have a sleeker look, and is being rebranded as more of a hangout for creative types. The question is will it work?

MySpace had a strong following around a decade or so ago, but in the recent years has suffered a huge loss in membership activity. Due to the rising success of Facebook (which has ironically become a lot like MySpace, flaws and all) MySpace suffered at the hand of other social media platforms. It couldn't directly compete with Facebook’s popularity, yet offered nothing unique that users could gather around like Twitter, Instagram, or any other newer social platform. With that said, is a facelift the only thing this plagued brand needs?

Let’s be honest and admit that, yeah, some of MySpace’s problems comes from a terrible, cluttered design and profile page (again, ironically copied by Facebook, to the latter company’s success). MySpace had problems with usability, but it also lacked in profile controls and other limited protections actually granted by Facebook. Anyone could join, just about anyone could send you messages and view your photos, though later that was remedied. The fact is, MySpace was overrun by creepers at a time when Facebook still only granted limited access to the social networking site. As MySpace died down, Facebook incorporated those same models, but was at that point the more successful and relevant site. Therefore it stood the test of time.

So what about the rebranding? MySpace mentioned that it will be more geared to a creative audience like musicians, filmmakers, photographers, etc. The truth is, however, that MySpace had a decent pull with these folks. Musicians had pages showcasing their music, visual artists could use the photo capabilities, and more. Regardless, MySpace kept dropping off. Not to mention that is you want to help your brand grow, don’t market yourself to your only surviving members. So is this move really going to save MySpace?

Unfortunately, MySpace still is going to be plagued with the fact that they are not going to be offering anything unique. The only thing it offers will appeal to those that still use the platform. With the ever-increasing popularity of Facebook, MySpace doesn’t stand a great chance of coming back into the market. You can remedy all of the flaws of Facebook but users will still be brand loyal. It’s why we complain about Facebook... on our Facebook walls. Users continue to return to a platform they claim to hate because the old Zuck has it all figured out.

Hopefully this move will get some traction to MySpace though. It would be nice to see a some, no matter how little, competition in the social networking market. Not to mention, it would be nice for Tom to make some new friends.

Peter Margolis is a social media blogger and content creator for Direct Satellite TV. He often writes about entertainment and emerging social media trends.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Google Nexus VS the Kindle Fire 2 Tablet


While everyone talks about the next generation tablets, only few understand how these differ in terms of their specifications when it comes to comparative advantage of one over the other. Different competitors are trying to take over the revenue market share as well as the market share for potential consumers.

 In this June when Google announced its Nexus 7, the rumors were that it is going to take the top place in the tablet market given its excellent features and will give tough time to its competitors including iPad and kindle. However, this did not come very true. Kindle still is at the top as it has the mix of features of iPad and Nexus put together in the small package. 

The good thing is that it not only comes in small package but also has a variety of accessories as well. For example the famous kindle covers coming with the kindle package are excellent for the little good angel’s protection.

Screen Size

Apparently, all the companies want to make their presence felt in the 7 inches tablet market. However, with iPad mini coming to the market, it is very different form the above concept. Kindle and Nexus are coming out with wider screens and the iPad mini as the name indicates has a low width screen with the same features to compete in the same market.

Amazon started the tablet fight and it is not going to give up on it easily. For your reference, the new Kindle Fire 2 is rumored to be coming into the market this year in the last quarter as well. Supposedly, if Kindle fire 2 is of the same size as the Nexus is, both will have a fight until death for the best share of the market. As we have already seen that Kindle is not only capable of having an ease in compatibility with all Amazon as well as iTunes apps and games, I do not have any doubts that it will have any issues with compatibility for the Google Inc products too.

Google Nexus
The Nexus 7 has an LCD display that runs with a resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels. It also has the tendency to translate pixels to a density of 216 PPI. This feature is as good as it can be in such a little price for the Nexus in comparison to the other tablets in the market.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2
While Amazon has not at all announced the actual news, but the rumors form the different news sources are that Amazon will be releasing four tablet designs with the Kindle name in the Fire sub brand category. They will have features of two unique and different displays. The pixel sizes would be 1024 X 600 and 1280 X 800.

Both the devices from Google and Amazon will have the Android based OS. The jellybeans upgrade will be available for the ice cream sandwich OS for Nexus, however, Amazon is working on bringing the all-new heavier OS in the Android category, very different from any Android based Os in any other device.
Let us hope that the consumers do not suffer for the initiation by both the market competitors and can be satisfied for their needs rather the devices quenching the thirst for competition for both the fighters.

Author’s biography:

Najeen wrote her first article when she was the age of 13. She realized she could go on with writing for technical stuff being her expertise later on. She is now a professional writer, writing regularly for consumer products. Her expertise resides in the category of gadgets and the news about the technological advancements. 


Incredible World - the augmented reality translation app for Android review

Android users will heave a sigh of relief. Better late than never, the Word Lens app is available for the Android platform.

More about this app
This app will be of great respite when you are in foreign land and you cannot comprehend what a sign conveys. This real-time app will translate the same for you. This augmented reality app does full justice in translating almost anything like signs, a paragraph from a newspaper and items on a menu from one language to another in no time. 

However, it is not recommended to use this app to translate huge paragraphs at once. The Word Lens app works wonders when you use it to translate signs and content that does not run into many paragraphs.

It must be admitted that Word Lens is not the first of its kind language translation app available in the market. This app faces tough competition from its predecessor - Google Goggles. Word Lens comes with its price tag; yes it does, while Google Goggles is available for free. However, Word Lens is worth the price you pay for it. This Android app is compared to its iOS version very often. The former was introduced much later.

How this app works
The working of the Word Lens app is simple. Word Lens makes use of optical character recognition techniques to instantly translate words into a desired language. This app does not require you to take a picture of what you need to translate. You just need to point your Android device to the sign or text. The built-in video camera of your device aids the translation.

Testing this app
Once you put this Android app to test, the results will impress you. The fact that this app is jumpy is one aspect you will have to put up with while using this app. However, the initial build of this app deserves credit. If you want this app to translate an entire page of content, you are expecting a little too much from it. Nevertheless, the Word Lens app performs better than most of its competitors. It can translate within a fraction of seconds. No wonder Word Lens is one of the most sought after apps by travelers.

Working this app to help you translate
You need to point this app to the text or sign you wish to translate. You will see the translated version of the same on your Android phone in no time. For example, if you want to translate a sign on the road, you need to point your Android device to that sign. You can choose the language that you wish to have the sign translated to. 
The translated version of the text will appear over the sign. One look at the sign on your Android device will give you a feeling that the original sign has been replaced by the translated version.  All this happens in a jiff. Once you get this app you will be amazed at its translation speed.

Cost of this app
If you wish to get your hands on this app you can shop online. You can purchase this app on Google Play via Quest Visual. Word Lens can be all yours for just $5.

Concluding remarks
In a nutshell, the Word Lens app is worth its price. Its ability to translate content and signs instantly is nothing short of magic. This translation app despite being a late entrant for the Android platform has successfully delivered as promised. This app wipes out the need to have a translator with you while having to deal with a foreign language. 

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Motorola Droid Razr M Review

Motorola’s Razr line has helped the company remain afloat in the tumultuous smartphone ocean dominated by Apple and Samsung. Now Motorola seeks to reach new levels of buoyancy with their fresh Razr offering – the Droid Razr M. So does this device have what it takes to be a winner in the smartphone stakes? The ensuing review should help you decide:

Key Features
·         1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM  
·         4.3-inch Super AMOLED display
·         Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS
·         8 GB phone storage, expandable to 32 GB
·         8 megapixel rear camera
·         2000 mAh battery

Design Aspects

The Droid Razr M is very well put together. The body, made chiefly of polished aluminum, is compact measuring 2.39 by 0.33 by 4.89 inches (width, depth, height) and refreshingly light at a mere 4.4 ounces. Further, the chassis is enveloped by Motorola’s patented Kevlar anti-scratch covering and a special additional coating that collectively make the Razr M both scratch and water resistant.

The 4.3-inch screen is the preeminent design facet. It is a capacitive touchscreen display with a very slim all-round bezel employing the Super AMOLED technology - all protected by Gorilla Glass 2 for added sturdiness. The screen, which bears a fairly impressive 960 by 540-pixel resolution, offers sharp and clear images as also good viewing angles. Also, the screen houses a 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera for video calling.

The rest of the Razr M neatly encompasses the camera, LED flash, and other controls. The smartphone currently ships in two colors – white and black.

·         The Razr M sports a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz. Throw in 1GB of RAM into the mix and you have a smartphone that is exceedingly fast, resilient, and adept at multitasking.
·         The high-capacity 2000 mAh Li Ion battery adds to Razr M’s power affording plenty of sustenance on a single charge. Note, however, that the battery cannot be removed. 
·         The smartphone supports quad-band GSM, quad-band HSDPA, CDMA, and LTE functionalities (selected). As a result, web browsing and downloading is a breeze. Needless to add, phone calls are clear, resonant, and free of interruptions. #

·         The Razr M uses Android's 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system. This results in a friendly and quick user interface with easy to use menu controls.
·         The included keyboard deserves a mention – it has large, well-proportioned, and receptive keys that make typing a facile affair. The smartphone even embodies the handy "Swype" keyboard functionality that enables you to construct meaningful language just by swiping through the desired keys.      

Camera and Video
·         The Razr M has a capable 8 megapixel rear camera that takes reasonably good photos. For versatility, the camera possesses numerous embedded options like inbuilt stabilization, autofocus, geo-tagging, scene controls, and customized filters. There is an LED flash too for low-light conditions.
·         The smartphone has an able camcorder that can record 1080-pixel videos at 30 frames per second. 

Additional Facets
The smartphone also notably offers:
·         A generous internal space of 8 GB that is expandable up to 32 GB via standard memory cards.
·         An inbuilt accelerometer
·         Micro USB
·         Amazon apps
·         Push email
·         Wi-Fi
·         A-GPS with GLONASS
·         SNS integration

The Motorola Droid Razr M, given all the above commendable features (minor quibbles aside), retails at a current price of just around $100. If you are in the market for a good, solid all-round smartphone, this gadget really is a nice deal.     

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iPhone Apps for Car Owners

I believe this article will be especially interesting for those who already have car or just want to buy a new one.It is a well-known fact that you are forbidden to use mobile phone while driving. And that’s why a lot of drivers don’t even know that mobile apps can be very helpful. At any stage of car-ownership and in any situations you may get into while driving. I suggest you the best apps for iPhone for any case.

Car choosing With  Who’s Faster App When you search for a car, you have to variants to follow: surf the Net reading different specs, reviews, comparisons, or just to load a Who’s Faster App and to do everything for 15 minutes.  

This application can be called an encyclopedia of cars. There are descriptions of more than 3,400 car from all possible car-makers. Besides, there is a unique built-in simulator of car racing where you may compare different cars.

Car buying with
The application will tell you the cost of the car you have chosen. You will get an opportunity to search among new and used cars. Lots of expert reviews will be a great bonus for your research.

Car maintenance with Car Minder Plus
Start taking care of your car since the very first day using this mobile application that proved different services, including fuel tracking, maintenance reminder, logging repair. By the way, the application will be useful for motorcycles owners as well.

Gas pricing with GasBuddy
Your car won’t work without good gas. But I believe everyone want to optimize the expenses on the fuel. And GasBuddy will do it for you. What can it do? I mostly compare the nearest gas stations and prices there.

Fuel efficiency with AccuFuel
Do you want to use your fuel wisely and to know exactly where it goes? Install the app and you will find it out.

Driving without traffic jams with Waze
Sometimes the traffic is unpredictable. The jams may happen in every unexpected places. Get the latest reports about accidents, traps, traffic situation in real time. Taking into account the app should be used while driving there is a voice-guided navigation system for you to drive safely.

Texting with Text'n Drive Pro
Do you have any urgency mail to send? Or you need to answer a very important message? The application uses text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology for you to be able to do it while driving. Text'n Drive Pro can be synced with Gmail, Hotmail, Me, Yahoo and other most used mail services.

Navigation with MotionX GPS Drive
Got lost? Or can’t find the right direction? Today it is a piece of cake to do it using your smartphone. The MotionX GPS Drive will show your location and will navigate you to the right point. Of course, it can be controlled by your voice. It has such services as local search, multi-stop routing and Wikipedia integration.

Auto accident with iWrecked
Let’s hope that you will never need this application but everything may happen. The application allows you to document all the details of the accident by making photos and by making a detailed report in PDF format. This report can be sent to your insurance company. It also can call 911 or any other numbers that are set on speed dial in emergency cases.

Repairing with RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert
No matter if you get into the accident or not, sooner or later you will have to do repairs of your car. To make your life easier and to make unbiased repair estimate, to find the best and the nearest mechanic, to track the repair process, just load the app and install it for free.

Well, here it is. I believe I have provided the most important situations where mobile application can be a great assistant to you, a driver. Do you know any other?

Author info
The post was written by Catherine Merzlova, a copywriter from  Intellectsoft , one of the most advanced iPhone development  companies in the world. She likes to read and write about the most innovative technological developments in the world! If you got interested, please, follow us on Twitter @Intellectsoft


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Top 5 free corrupt RAR recovery software

As you may have noticed, most of the movies, software or games that you download these days are uploaded on file sharing websites using the RAR file format, created using WinRAR. It is invaluable in saving disk space as it compresses the data on files. Although WinRAR works well to extract RAR files, sometimes you may encounter an error like “Unexpected end of file” or “CRC checks failure”. These errors can be due to incomplete archive download or files write failure in the hard disk. There are many tools available that can recover or repair damaged RAR files. Here are some of the better ones.

Advanced RAR Repair is one of the most popular free to try RAR recovery software. It has an intuitive, easy to use interface that even beginners will have no problems using. It is extremely fast and efficient and reports all the recoverable items in any corrupt RAR archive file. All you have to do is select the RAR archive file you want to repair and set the output destination and this software will recover as many files as possible.

RAR Repair Tool is sophisticated and is designed to effortlessly repair all damaged files from any given RAR archive structure. Users don’t have to worry about technicalities as it handles the operation in an automatic mode. Its batch mode can automatically fix multiple corrupt RAR archives. It promises to fix RAR files of any size. All it requires is a 5 MB free disk space and you can go about repairing your RAR archives free of charge for a full 30 days.

RAR Recovery Toolbox is another free to try program with a small file size of only 1.99 MB. This software scans the selected RAR file archive, defines its data makeup and goes about recovering information from the corrupt file archive. It greatly minimizes data loss by employing different algorithms to recover as much information as possible. It also improves the quality of the data by checking it for consistencies.

Yodot RAR Repair is a powerful RAR recovery software that allows you to repair files that get damaged during extraction. You can download the Demo version for free and restore even the corrupt 128 bit password encrypted files. Its superior algorithms can also recover inaccessible RAR archives. Whether your file has a CRC error or a virus infection, this program will scan and successfully repair anything.

Remo Repair RAR is a relatively newer free to try software that can easily recover all compressed files inside any single corrupt RAR file archive. Although it requires 50 MB of your hard disk space it has a simple, easy to use interface that you can use to repair all versions or RAR files including those that have a CRC error. It’s software that keeps the original corrupt RAR file intact.

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How to Increase the Safety of Your Smartphone Using Mobile Monitoring Apps?

More and more people use smartphones to store personal information. Email passwords, banking information and photographs are just some examples of the kind of personal and professional data that gets stored on a smartphone. Therefore, ensuring the safety of the device automatically becomes an overriding need if you are the owner of a smartphone. On the physical side of safety, simple things like keeping the device in sight at all times and being mindful of its whereabouts when traveling do go a long way in increasing the safety of the device. You can also use mobile monitoring apps like  Cell phonespy  to ensure the safety of your smartphone.

Tracking the cell phone

Mobile monitoring apps can be downloaded on the smartphone from their website, and once the installation is complete, the software will run in complete stealth mode. One of the biggest deliverable of such software is the GPS tracking feature. The phone will automatically record and transmit all the data pertaining to GPS locations. This information can be accessed through an online account that you create. In the event that the phone is lost or stolen, you can simply log on to the online account, and check on the activities and whereabouts of the phone.

Remote access

A mobile monitoring application will also enable you to shut down the phone by remote control. You can block the device by remote access once you have discovered its loss. An app like Mobile Spy gives you the ability to undertake Remote Wipe and Remote Lock. You can also erase all the details like calls history, browsing history, contacts and images. All this can be done by sending an silent SMS message to the phone., which means there is no alert of any kind on the phone.

Social media and internet usage

Leading mobile monitoring apps can be downloaded across most smartphone platforms, and they help in monitoring the internet usage done by the smartphone. This capability is very useful when the smartphone has been given to an employee by an organisation. With the mobile monitoring app, you can be sure that the employee is not using the smartphone to share company related or confidential information to outsiders. You can also ensure that your children are not putting their stored data in terms of images and videos on social media. In fact, mobile monitoring apps can also tell you the duration of time that a smartphone user is spending on each website.

SIM change notification                                                                                                 

Mobile monitoring software can alert the person if an unauthorised person tries to change the SIM card. This scenario may happen when the smartphone gets stolen, and the thief changes SIM cards. With a mobile monitoring application, you can continue to monitor the cell phone, and also get details of the new SIM card. This is a useful feature since the mobile monitoring software can function independent of the SIM card changes that take place. SIM changes thus get notified on your online account, and you can monitor and retrieve your smartphone.

Lucille J Cronk is a blogger who loves to write for mobile spy technology and other mobile monitoring apps. She has her own site dedicated to  Cell phonespy  technology.