Thursday, 4 October 2012

Enjoy Free Texting with Some Top Mobile Apps

Mobile phone users cannot live without using their mobile round the clock and hence keep on charging their phones by coughing out bucks. They always search for getting subscription to unlimited plans so that they can enjoy continuous texting. How many do actually call up their friends and dear ones? Texting is the simple way of connecting with everyone around the globe! Your love for texting is now to find a new direction with the free apps.

There are several free applications to enable you to text your messages without shelling out a single penny. There are also some additional perks with these apps! Yes, video calling and group chatting now will not need any extra bucks. Check out the apps and experience something more than just basic texting.


1.     KaKao Talk     
Indulge in free calling and texting at any point of time and in any location with the help of this FREE app. All you require to have is a single phone number. You get support for 12 diverse languages together with some funny communication alternatives such as animated emoticons, walkie-talkie setup and amusing voice filters at the time of phone calls. Group chatting, sending videos and photos constitute the other aspects of this app.

2.     Pinger  
This app offers you the facility to text from as many as 100 countries round this globe. Pinger has a photo-based interface allowing you to choose any of your friend’s photos and have a look at its voicemails, calls, photos and texts. Pinger offers one phone number where there are unlimited texts available. In addition, there is another feature that enables you to see the time of your text delivery. All these are made possible by this app…

3.     imo
Here is something more than simply availing texting service for free of cost. imo enables you to text your family and friends on AIM, Skype, Google Talk and Facebook Chat, the instant message networks. Are you wondering how this is feasible? This app syncs your accounts for providing this chat facility. Not only this, you can also send voice messages, videos, photos and emoticons for FREE.
Voice calling, push notifications and group chats are some of the noteworthy features of this fantastic app.

4.     WeChat
Free texting and multimedia features such as voice messaging – all are inclusive in this app. Use the “shake” feature for exchanging contacts and photos with your peer group. Another is the “look around” feature which enables you to have a view of the others available on the same app. You get an easy way of choosing the ones with whom you like to chat.   

5.     textPlus
Unlimited free messaging on offer for you! Use whatever phone you like, this app is available in all. You will get a phone number for free. This app boasts of providing the facility of community texting and group messaging. What is that? You can chat with people on this earth in one chat-room venue. Together with this you get voice notes and photo messaging features.  

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