Tuesday, 23 October 2012

How to Take Better Photos With A Smartphone?

Smartphones have become the necessity of modern days. They help us to perform many activities in our daily life. One of the best features of smartphones these days is good cameras. These cameras on the phones help you take snapshots without having you to carry a second device. So if you just want to use your smartphone for taking photos, then take a look at some of the tips that will help you to take perfect shot.


Clean the Lens
Most of the time smartphones are placed in purses, pockets and hands. This leads to accumulation of lint and oils on the surface of the lens of the camera. Take some time to clean your lens before taking next photograph.  

Keep your Hands Steady
For a better snapshot it is very important to keep your hands steady while taking the shot. One of the ways to lessen your movement is to lean against a sturdy object. You can even balance your phone across some objects.

Natural light is normally your friend while taking photos. In order to remove the extra shadows you can use the flash in the daytime. You also need to give your device some time to adapt to the changing lighting conditions.

Try Different Angles
When the lighting doesn’t favor you by any means you can try taking photos from different angles. This will also help you to take several photos of the same scene from many angles.

Increase the Resolution
Choose the option of largest picture size on your device. Normally, you will be able to capture more details with larger picture.

Don’t Use Digital Zoom
Use of digital zoom can drastically ruin your shots. The best option is getting close to take your shots.

Check out Specialty Shooting Modes
The new Macro mode is the best if you want great clarity while capturing smaller objects. But you should remember to turn it off when you are taking portrait and landscape shots if you don’t want your photos to be blurry. Apart from macro mode, there are other options for fluorescent, landscapes and daylight.

Learn the Response Time
You will normally notice a delay between the time the actual photo is taken and the time you press the digital shutter button. Though this delay is for very short time, it can make a great difference between a blurry photo and a beautiful one.

These are some of the things you need to keep in mind while taking snapshots from a smartphone. Practice them and you will certainly be able to take better photos from your smartphone.

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