Monday, 8 October 2012

The 5 Best Gadgets for Travelers Today

When you decide to travel locally or abroad, you will always have to find a way that will help you become busy during the time when you are doing nothing. Below is a list of top 5 gadgets that are the best to bring when you are traveling in most places around the world.

Mushroom Green Zero Charger
This amazing little gadget is green technology that will let people charge up their mobile devices and not only let them preserve energy, but will also help preserve the environment as well. The Zero Charger is an item that saves on energy that is being wasted on the auto shut-off software implementation and will then result in the need for lesser charging for your device.

The device comes in a funky green appearance and it is easy to store in your back pack because of its compact design. Aside from that, it has zero consumption during stand-by. This package is a lovely addition for anyone who is looking to travel to different places and needs to charge their devices constantly.

Recon Instruments Mod Live
Are you going to the Alps during the holidays? If you happen to be going skiing without this equipment, then you will be mad. As the goggles can be used as a display that offers minimal obtrusion, it is possible for the user to observe through the view of a crisp and widescreen display all the information that they need when waltzing down the slopes.

The user can monitor the vertical descent, speed and even measure their jump time in the air. This equipment will also tell them about the weather conditions and temperature including a guiding tracker to help people go back to their lodge after a day of slopes. And if this is not yet enough for the traveler in you, then its connectivity to a Smart phone will allow people to take calls if something important comes up.

Uwater G4 Chrome MP3 Player
Do you ever want to listen to your favorite music while you are scuba diving, walking in the rain or taking a shower? Well now you can as there is a water-proof MP3 player available in the market today. This little device will allow users to listen to around a thousand songs, with a storage size of 4GB. It can be utilized in salt water conditions and if you happen to be clumsy, you may drop it in the washing machine and still make it work after!

Power Bag
It can become annoying and frustrating to be carrying with you your mobile device throughout the day, and when you need to use it, you get a bleep for the final battery juice that it had left. This is not an ideal situation for you if you are in the middle of nowhere, where you will have the smallest chance of finding a power supply.

With the Power Bag, people can charge their devices and up to 3 others at the same time using the Apple connector, Micro and Mini USB connectors and an on-board USB port. The bag is also stylish and practical to look at as well!
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Thanks for sharing these gadgets! I travel a lot for my job at DISH, so I'm looking forward to maybe one day trying out a couple of these! The Mushroom Green Zero Charger and Power Bag sound like the most beneficial for me, because I do tend to use my phone a lot to use my DISH Remote Access app. That's where I'd have to say my favorite gadget for travel is my phone and Sling Adapter. Granted the Sling Adapter I have stays at home, but it works with my DISH Remote Access app allowing me to watch all of my favorite shows, live or recorded, anywhere I go in the world. Traveling these days is nothing like it used to be, and I really love all the new technologies that help make it easier than before. :)

MrTechpathi 20 October 2012 at 11:39

Hi Brittany, thanks for dropping a comment. I am glad you like this stuff..

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