Thursday, 29 November 2012

Finding Apps you Love on Digg

About Digg
Digg is regarded as one of the best social media websites that allows people to vote for or against web content; a majority of times content is in the form of news stories. In an era where information, communication and entertainment (ICE) are the major activities under which any kind of social activity falls, Digg is counted as one of the best social media websites.

More information about this website
Website type: Social news website
Website Language: English

A website that started off as an experiment among four of its collaborators is regarded as one of the best platforms that allows users to discover, share and recommend web content. Members of this social media are allowed to submit websites. Voting among members of Digg takes place. Members are allowed to vote for or against a page. Page up is considered as a voting for the particular website, it also goes by the name ‘Digg’. Voting against the website is called down or ‘Bury’.

This social website is so popular that many parent websites have added a Digg button to their web pages. This gives website visitors an opportunity to vote for or against their website. The creators of Digg went a step ahead and revamped this website. The friends’ list feature was included and categories for content like science, technology, videos, entertainment, gaming and business were added.

Features of this social website
A closer look at a few key features of Digg has been taken

Digg app
In early 2010 Digg launched its free mobile app. This app allowed users to browse through Digg stories and content. It also allowed users to share Digg content using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Digg API
In the year 2007 Digg opened its API to the public allowing software developers to write applications and tools based on queries of Digg’s public data. 

Facebook Connect
Call it an innovation or convergence, Digg launched a feature that was known by the name Facebook Connect. Through this feature, Facebook can be successfully integrated with Digg. When a Facebook account is linked to a Digg account, content from Digg can be shared on the users’ Facebook wall.  Facebook Connect also allows users to log on to Digg eliminating the necessity to create a Digg account. This is regarded as one of the advantages of Facebook Connect.

You can access Digg’s features without leaving the current webpage that you are working on. Thanks to the DiggBar feature. The DiggBar looks like a toolbar that sits above the page. This toolbar allows users access Digg analytics and comments. However, this DiggBar was removed.

Latest redesign
This social website has had its share of redesign. It underwent a drastic redesign in the year 2012. The new webpage sports an editorial driven look giving this website a professional look. The front page of this website also contains more images and it features the top, popular and upcoming news stories.

Finding Apps you Love on Digg
Digg has introduced a new feature which goes a long way in making the discovery of apps more than just easy. This feature is regarded as one of the best business models comes after Digg’s success with the ‘sponsored story links as an ad-unit’ concept. This concept has been applied to the mobile platform and Digg calls it ‘Apps We Love’.

In the test phase of this new concept, two apps that have been featured are Tapestry and Zapd. They have enjoyed a click through rate of 4 and 2 per cent respectively for around 250,000 ad impressions on the Internet and mobile platform. However, we will have to wait and watch how this new business model performs.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Brief Review of Google Nexus 10 Tablet

From the launch of previous version Nexus 7, Google prove that the Android is also competing in tablets, however also they defeat Apple iPad mini in sales from few months. They also took the time for Google Nexus 7 to get a grip within this industry. Now today, Google established their attractions also greater, straight into the 10 inches tablet exactly where Apple iPad exists. 

Google Nexus ten is simply outstanding by having a Retina Display with 10 inches display screen and the resolution of 2560 x 1600. The entirely latest dual core (Exynos 5 chip set) processor, with Android Jellybean 4.2 Operating System. Nexus is the brand who promises to provide instant updates for its user. Samsung powered as well as Google published their brand with the brand name "Nexus" they recently launched their latest version with model number "10". So it’s simply a combination of today’s leaders.

Its front looks and appearance are really very attractive. Home, Back and Multitask keys helps to improve impressive impression to catch your eyes. Speakers are decently and very beautifully attached on Google Nexus 10’s edges. Its sound is much better than any tablet speakers. Its back cover is made with very soft and smooth plastic material, which helps you to grip your tablet quite perfectly.

Google Nexus 10 also much larger than iPad 4 along with wider aspect ratio. Nexus 10 is the tablet with lightest weight (603 grams) ever. Its weight really adds more grace to attract the people. The thickness of Google Nexus 10 is 8.9 mm which is also an improvement than their last version. You will discover a really common range of jacks along with a 3.5 mm earphone port, Micro HDMI as well as Micro USB plus a lock and also volume buttons. They are positioned on the top of Google Nexus 10, which is really a little bit uncomfortable location but you will get familiar with it very quickly.

You will get a couple of cameras as well, a front-face camera with 1.9mp and also a back side camera with 5.0mp combined having an LED flash-light. Google Nexus 10’s camera is also able to record videos on 1080pixels. Its front-face camera is absolutely ideal regarding video conversation and also the back side camera competes many smartphone's camera, however Google made it much useful and efficient for Nexus 10.

So at the end, Samsung and Google have done the great work together and they launch their recent innovation in tablet industry.

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Monday, 26 November 2012

5 Easy Tips for a Successful Video Conference

Video conferencing is becoming an increasingly popular way to communicate in business as an alternative to attending a traditional meeting. It can prove exceptionally effective when the required people are not able to get to the same place but a discussion, decision or deal is needed there and then.

Meeting face-to-face online is an excellent substitute for in-person interactions, so to ensure you get the most out of it, it is important to familiarise yourself with the software prior to using it. With that in mind, here are five tips to ensure professionalism is maintained and your online meetings go well:

1.    Set up the software in advance
Spending some time acquainting yourself with the system and all of the additional tools is essential. So make use of any free trials and helpful “how-to’s” to ensure that you are using the software to its’ full potential. Set everything up in advance, test the equipment and encourage everyone invited to the meeting to do the same.

2.    Have a Meeting Agenda.
Make sure you plan for a video conference the same as you would with a traditional meeting. Set out an agenda as this will provide structure and prevent the conversation from going off on a tangent. By keeping the discussion flowing, you will inspire discussion and debate, making for a more fruitful outcome.

3.    Prevent Disruptions
Write a short list of ‘Best Practice’ notes and send to those invited prior to meetings. Include things like; turn off radios, shut doors and windows, turn phones to silent and avoid eating and drinking.

With web conferencing now taking place in high definition, it means that the visual and sound quality is impeccable, making it even more important to ensure that people are aware of their surroundings and potential background noise.

4.    Keep Within your Visible Space  
If something needs to be illustrated or demonstrated to the group then it should be visible either using the physical space that all can see or by using the online tools such as the interactive whiteboard and desktop sharing. Avoid gesturing to things outside the physical space that the other attendees can’t see.

5.    Understand the Importance of Body Language.
Every bit of effort normally spent on working to make others feel comfortable and able to work together should be assumed as if you are meeting face-to-face. Just because you are not in the same room does not mean that you shouldn’t dress appropriately or that you can act more casually. Approach the web conference the same as you would if you had to go to an actual meeting and so ensuring that you are portrayed in the same light.

With more and more meetings taking place via software like OmniJoin, Brother Video Conferencing, preparing yourself and others is a fundamental task. With proper preparation you will be able to promote your ideas to a wider and more varied audience.  

Author’s Bio
Blaine Pike is the community manager in the UK for OmniJoin, Brother’s brand new web conferencing service.  Blaine blogs regularly about business efficiency, productivity tips and the latest trends in web conferencing technology for UK SMBs at  He also runs the @OmniJoinUK Twitter account, where he discusses the latest stories around web conferencing with the SMB community every day.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nexus7 vs. iPad mini: What makes different to each other

The variety of different high quality gadgets have become a ubiquitous part of our lifestyles. When there are two similar types of gadgets, conflict over dominance over the market is bound to rise. Google’s Nexus7 and iPad Mini of Apple are examples of two giants at loggerheads over their latest products. Both of them are extremely advanced and also expensive. A comparison of these tablets might yield some points that might make them different from each other.


First of all, it is quite well known that Apple is not fond of any competition in the area of tablets. The normal iPad would not have drawn any comparisons but the size of iPad Mini makes it a contender of Nexus. One might as well say that Apple did the size thing deliberately to put some competition for the Nexus7. Now, let us look at some of the differences and similarities between these two gadgets.
The first factor that comes to consumers’ minds when going for a new gadget is the price of the product. The price of Nexus7 is comparatively low, as it was expected. The 16 gigabyte model of the nexus7 asks for 199 pounds; whereas, the same memory unit model of iPad Mini would cost around 269 pounds. The price factor does not seem to bother Apple much. Because, they know that customers who have a fetish for Apple products would spare no expense to get their hands on the product. Apple products are not for thrifty consumers.
Screen size and dimensions
The next comparison can be based on the sizes and screen dimensions of both the gadgets. It can be safe to say that both the devices are of same weight and height. The Wi-Fi models of the iPad Mini are a bit heavier.
Screen size of iPad Mini is almost 8 inches display. On the other hand, the Nexux7 model is one inch short of that size in display. But, still the 7 inches display of that particular gadget provides adequate quality display. The details of the display are better with Nexus7 than with iPad Mini. 216ppi of pixel density gives the nexus model an upper hand over iPad Mini’s pixel density, which is of 163ppi.
Processors used in the gadgets
The Google product is powered by the quad-core Tegra 3 chip of nVidia. Apple, on the other side, uses its own A5 processor which is of dual-core type. So processor wise, Nexus7 might just be a better choice.
Storage and Camera
Nexus7 comes with the variety of two storage models and they are of 16GB and 32 GB. But the iPad Mini has an additional model of 64GB as well as the two storage models used by Nexus7. The camera is a very important factor for all modern gadgets now-a-days. Both of them have 1.2mp front camera, but iPad Mini has an additional rear facing camera of 5 mega pixels.
So, it can be seen that both the gadgets have their superiorities and inferiorities. Finally, it goes down to personal preferences on choosing one over the other.
About the author: Diana is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and traveling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day Lexus IS 350.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sony Xperia TL Review

Attention folks! The Xperia TL is here! The latest from Sony, this phone encompasses a range of features designed to give users a fulfilling mobile experience. With a 1.5 GHz dual core S4 processor and enhanced camera clarity, the Xperia TL is full of functionalities and is designed to meet the pocket of even the average buyer. 

In terms of quality and affordability, the Xperia TL is right up there with HTC’s One X and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 (may be a better deal than the latter!). With the handy device all set to make its presence on the big screen in James Bond starrer, Skyfall, there is actually something interesting for secret agents as well!
The Xperia TL kit contains: a microUSB cable, Quick Start manual, charger, and an exclusive Xperia SmartTag.


Don’t be surprised if this smartphone isn’t familiar to you! It is nothing more than a rebranded Sony Xperia T – in AT&T’s lineup, to be more specific. The arched back outer casing stands apart from most smartphones, the overall design is pretty much Xperia-like but is a lot clearer. The modest size, clean look, solid design, and the aluminum rear casing – all give a clean look. Sony opts for Android buttons rather than the conventional capacitive buttons – which of course is a modern trend with most of the Ice Cream Sandwich devices. 

We hear that the camera shoots at a fair resolution of 720p with its 1 MP front-facing camera. Also, we were able to find a tiny earpiece and LED notification on the front end. The device also has provisions for regular add-ons such as: microUSB cable port for charging and data transfer purposes, a noise-curbing mic, a power button, a 3.5mm headset jack, volume control button, and a shutter key.      


Sony Xperia TL has a 13 MP digital camera - the resolution is far ahead of most of its competitors in the market today. In addition to the high-quality resolution, the camera is also comprised of a range of photographer-friendly options such as: Autofocus, LED flash, front-facing camera, Digital zoom, and video recorder.


The Xperia TL is equipped with a 4.55” screen – which is almost 23% bigger than most average smartphones in the market today. Moreover, the handy device also encompasses some mouth-watering features like extra display support, multi-touch capability, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and scratch-resistant outer cover.    

The Xperia TL is available at $99 on a 2-year contract with the respective carrier. The cost is 1% less than what is offered by the average smartphone providers.
Technical Specifications

Phone: Sony Xperia TL
Carrier: AT&T Wireless
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon
RAM: 1024 MB
Processor: Dual Core
Operating system and version: Android 4.0
Screen Resolution: 1,280p x 720 p
Battery capacity: 1,850 mAh
Connectivity options: 3G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC
Memory: 32 GB
Removable battery: microSD


Though the phone is comparatively low-priced, we felt the software is still outdated and the processor is sluggish – only to hold it back from achieving great heights. However, the other features are good – the quick access to 4G LTE, longer battery life, the user-friendly design, style, improved camera resolution etc. We think Sony Xperia TL deserves applause! Kudos!

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Monday, 12 November 2012

2012’s best responsive WordPress themes

With millions of word press powered websites and blogs, programmers and developers are continually striving to bring to surface innovative and unique word press themes. The HTML5 and responsive themes are at the lead now days and users can expect to witness tons of responsive and HTML5 focused word press themes in the coming year.

Top responsive themes for word press in year 2012
“Responsive” style was the 2012 theme for the WP themes. Responsive styled themes deliver to your audience single style themes that respond to tablet, phones, laptops, and desktops that access your blog or website. In year 2012, the main focus was on developing and launching responsive set of themes for word press.
Following are the top responsive WP themes launched in year 2012
The flexible theme
The flexible theme is to date the most desired responsive theme introduced in year 2012. Flexible theme developed by Elegant Themes is a beautifully designed theme that appears fresh to eyes and is a true model of responsive themes. The flexible theme is a component of the elegant themes club; this means that users will be having access to other eighty premium elegant themes at the price of just 39 US dollars.
The Lucid
It’s a high tech magazine WP theme that is highly responsive and will attract visitors. With crisp and cleaner navigation, lucid will assist visitors at your site in a friendly way. This superb and responsive magazine theme is available for just fifty cents.
The evolution is another fantastic responsive styled theme created by elegant themes. In line with the typical conventional layout of web pages, evolution theme is all you want with amazing features such 4 color scheme, e-Panel framework, and many other.
This theme is developed by Good layers at Theme Forest. With amazingly styled drag & drop builder, this theme is one of the most desirable responsive WP themes for year 2012. Supporting a responsive style that appears superb on laptops, mobile phones and tablets, modernize is a beautiful example of responsive design.
The aware theme delivers a cleaner and minimized layout for your web pages. This theme is an ideal WP responsive theme for those web masters and developers who believe minimalist design is the best.
The reaction theme is ideal for dark WP theme fans. The world of web crowded by white and gray colors, reaction theme is a dark shade responsive styled theme that appears awesome on every device whether desktop or mobile screen. If you are lover of dark colored WP themes, then “Reaction” would be the best choice for you.
Pixel Power
The pixel power theme is based on the responsive design and boasts post formats with tiny icons for every respective segment. If you are searching for a responsive WP theme that features “post formats” then Pixel Power theme would be the best recommended theme.
Word press has provided us the most convenient and innovative ways to style and manage our sites and blogs. With newer updates, features, themes and templates, word press will greatly change the life over web in the coming future!
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Android OR iOS: Which is the best ?

Usage of mobile phones has increased rapidly. Most widely used smart phones  contain Android and iOS softwares. Apples’ iOS was released in 2007 in the US market whereas Google’s’ Android was developed and released in the year 2005.  Both the software’s are supported by smart phones, tablets and ipad.

IOS operating system is developed to run only on Apple devices whereas Android OS can customize and run on any device. This is the major advantage of Android over Apple iOS.

 Comparison between iOS and Android:

  • The basic concepts like the file system, interface, performance and software selection varies in both the platforms.
  • There are a few applications which are not supported by each device like automatic Sync of social networking sites, Viber, VoIP application and spontaneous app update. These differ for both the platforms.
  • The multiple email attachments are not supported by iOS whereas it is supported by android.
  • IOS is Apple’s proprietary whereas the Android is a Google open source.
  • 3D Google map supports on Android but not on iOS.
  • The adobe flash Support is not present in iOS but it is available in Android. There are many more applications and specifications which differ in them.

Major features for the phone:

iPhone over Android:
  1. iPhone’s retina display is an advantage for its design and display. It has the finest quality of picture and screen resolution.
  2. Applications are plenty in iOS, this makes android go down in its applications.
  3. Face time is an interesting feature in iPhone; it allows video calling to all iDevices. But the Smart phones with Android software rarely have the second camera option.
  4. The Operating system gets updated for every launch of iDevices.
Android over iPhone:
  1. As android is the open source it can be used in any device or any smart phone but iOS is only for apple. Hence apple has limited choice whereas Android rules.
  2. The high definition and ability to play videos on TV through several HMDI ports. iPhone doesn’t have any extra port or card slot.
  3.  Some Smart phones have a powerful processor which is not in IOS platform.

Though both the platforms differ a lot, people buy both. Select a suitable mobile which can be useful to meet all your requirements. Though iPhone has huge demand, android is leading the market in first place. As android is an open source and less in cost-effective users decide to buy it.

To experience the various specifications, features and applications one can purchase any device. But as it is a Smart phone, the price tag may be heavy. In such situation opt for same day cash loans which offer immediate cash without any credit check.

About the Author: The guest post was contributed by Diana, Passionate guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her  blogs @financeport


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Release date, expectations and features of iPad mini

IPad mini is the biggest controversy of this time in the technology world. Some said that the expected release date will be 17th of October of 2012 but that did not come true and now the rumors are saying that the date has been postponed and shifted to 23rd October. This is going to be a big date as many expectations are being associated with this small gadget. This small gadget is going to bring big changes in the year end in both the share market and competition of gadgets.

IPad mini is likely to be shown first time in the Apple town hall auditorium, after this first show iPad mini will hit the market shelves in November. If this device of Apple will compete other devices of same kind, this will be a great achievement of Apple, as it is introducing a mini tablet after a long break as compared to other brands. Google Nexus has already hit the hearts of tech lovers and iPad mini will make its space depending on the features and price on which Apple will offer it to the general consumers.

Why Apple kept us waiting for this mini iPad for so long?
Initially Apple had no intentions to launch any product of this kind. Steve Job showed least interest in the market of 7 inch tablets; however he focused on other gadgets and tablets, bit after the great success of Google Nexus 7 and kindle fire Amazon and other gadgets of same kind. Apple has also shown interest in manufacturing a 7.85 inch iPad mini with iOS6. Current CEO is hopeful to bring the shares up after the release of this mini gadget. The biggest charm of people is to enjoy the latest iOS6 in a smaller tablet which they can carry more easily- iPad mini is surely going to fulfill this purpose.

Improved apps in iPad mini as compared to iPhone 5:
Another expectation of people is that Apple will surely remove the drawbacks which were found in the device released in September- iPhone 5. It did not included Google products and the products especially map application of iOS6 had inaccuracies for which Tim Cook apologized after the release of iPhone 5 and there were some issues in the camera of some sets as well.

Bigger screen than iPhone is a great charm but some people are offended on the 9.7 inch screen and they want a middle sized gadget which can handle all the things in a flexible manner. IPad mini is such a device which will complete the desire of those people who were waiting for an Apple’s product with a middle sized screen between full tablets and smartphones. IPad mini will complete Samsung Galaxy tab 7 inch and kindle fire with a plus point of having iOS6 installed in it! We are crossing our fingers to see an amazing product within a weak- iPad mini.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The best map app choices for the iPhone 5

The choice on the map app that a person will want depends on the type of navigation technique that the person will require. This therefore means that among all the apps that are available, one has to make sure that they determine which will be best according to the requirements. The different apps are characterized as ones to bring a new experience every time they are called upon to perform. The most common and effective map apps that can be used for the iPhone 5 are listed and detailed below.


Bing 3.03

This map app is free on the web and serves as effectively as it can. Though basically a search engine, it can also be able to provide some solid and dependable maps which will guide someone to their destination with absolute ease. The Bing app is quite efficient and can be relied upon to provide the ultimate answers to any navigation question that a person may have.

Garmin navigation app

This app has a very easy functionality interface and makes it very easy for any person who wishes to be guided to have the best experience that they can dream of. It is also equipped with voice based navigation technology which means that one can be able to provide a verbal request for directions and they will be in line to receive a verbal response with the details that they need. This is quite the easiest way to obtain directions for any destination while ensuring that it is both an effective and fun exercise.

MapQuest map app

This iPhone 5 map app comes incorporated with a one touch menu which ensures that one can get the information from a simple touch. This is the easiest and fastest way of ensuring that directions to the destination can be accessed at an instance. The app is also able to provide live traffic views and this enables one to be able to avoid the traffic congested areas and find an alternative route that will let them reach their destination faster.

Waze app for maps

This app has been made to specifically master the art of traffic data and direction combination. It produces a detailed structure of the roads available and show the options that are suitable. The map structure is displayed with all the features and hence one can be able to know what type of road they can use coupled with the length and vicinity. Furthermore, one can be able to save maps for offline use.

Navigon map app

It uses public transport options like subways to provide the options that can be used at any one time. This increases functionality and ease of maneuver.

Magellan Roadmate app

This iPhone app displays road speed limits and the pedestrian pathways. This therefore means that it can be useful for both drivers and pedestrians. The app also provides for live camera feeds which are very instrumental in feeding the individuals with information on which roads to avoid and which can be taken to ensure a faster arrival.

Hopstop navigation

This is a GPS enabled navigation mechanism which has also mastered all the transit schedules. This helps individuals to know when and in what way to exit or enter a lane which will lead to the next destination.

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Let your Android Meliorate

A recently bought Android mobile phone usually doesn’t need the implementation of any of the tips to enhance its performance.  New mobile phones seem really cool and fast. You cannot deny the fact that Android mobile phones provide an astonishing amount of power, flexibility, and customization options for the users.  But after many days or rather months of its use, its performance starts to sag. 

As we know, with authority comes ample of responsibility. If you do not act very proactively, certain widgets and applications can gobble the resources of the system. You can check out some of the quick steps that would help you to stay wakeful and vigilant against lagging performance.


Kill background applications:

Along with engaging and eating up memory, many applications continue to run in the background when not in used, and thus eat up and slows down the valued CPU cycles. The latest versions of Android applications allow easy application killing that is running behind the scenes.

Removing unused applications:

This is a very easy and basic tip to speed up any Android device. One should always remove those applications from the device which are unused are will not be used in future. It usually happens that you find an application online and immediately install it on your Android phone but after some days you completely forget about that application. These unused apps are good for nothing and moreover they clog the device’s memory.

Defrag the memory:

Just as your personal computer, you can enhance your Android phone’s performance by simply defragmenting its internal RAM. Certain free applications are also available in the android market which defragments the device’s internal random access memory and fix information leaks from damaged applications at the same time.

Changing web browsers:

Many oddballs forget that android is a very good platform and tend to think that android mobile phones have one huge shortcoming and that is its inbuilt web browser. The inbuilt web browser is very buggy and slow. It slows down the pace of the system. So, if an android phone user wants to get rid of this problem, he or she should remove the inbuilt web browser and replace it with a faster and advanced web browser.

Use advanced task killer:

The advanced task killer is a very useful application that has been introduced in the Android market. It kills those processes and applications that are not in use and their presence is not really important. This is a really useful application and you can download it from Google Play for free.

Keeping applications up to date:

The operating system is not the only culprit in slowing down the speed of your Android phone. Sometimes some applications can also tend to cause the grief. One should always keep the applications updated to enhance the device’s performance.
Some other useful tips that can work wonders are:
  • Turning off background data
  • Using android booster
  •  Manage Google services
  •  Removing unnecessary widgets
These are some of the awesome tips that could help you to enhance the performance and the speed of your Android mobile phone.  Make full use of your phone by keeping it updated and fast.

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Architectural Design Technology

Latest 3D Architectural Design and Engineering Graphics Technology
As 2013 draws near, all major CAD manufactures have outlined their plans for producing enhanced graphics interfaces, CAD workstations and 2D/3D modelling software to handle the ever changing demands of CAD users. Leading the raise in designing the latest CAD technology for architects, Engineers and graphics designers are the major CAD software companies which includes: Autodesk (the renowned producers of the AutoCAD series), Microstation, ArchiCAD, Hewlett Packard (the leading producers of CAD work stations) and even Google has joined the CAD community with its latest technology.

What to Expect From 2013 Architectural Design Software
AutoCAD2013:- Keeping with their 3 year development cycle, Autodesk released its 27th version of its AutoCAD design software to the public and as expected, Engineers and Architects have been gifted with a new user-interface which becomes apparent to the user right from the begining. On launching the AutoCAD 2013, the user is immediately greeted with a unique welcome screen which provides the designer with the ability to perform diverse functions such as;
·         Launching its tutorial
·         Opening files saved on older AutoCAD versions
·         The use of its specialized tools and
·         The ability to link to video tutorials explaining its latest features.
For CAD design enthusiasts, the new features of AutoCAD 2013 includes; a new cloud platform that allows users share data in different file formats and also link their designs to social media sites (Twitter and Facebook) when needed. The command line has also been simplified to a simple line panel which reduces clutter on work spaces, improved easy to use array tool for creating rectangular and polar arrays with ease and a complete new tool set for documenting your 3D models and the changes you make.
3D SOLIDWORKS 2013:- Solid Works has since been hailed as the best 3D architectural design tool for mechnical parts due to its abilities to create machine components of all shapes, assemble them and simulate movement. With its 2013 version, Solid Works has once again raised the bar for it provides CAD designers with unique interactive features when designing individually or in a group.
Its new features include; a sustainability platform that allows its users to conduct life cycle assessments on their designed. Components, find related components which can be incorporated into the design and observe how environmental/natural elements affect your design and its material overtime. Solid works 2013 also provides a special platform (Solid Works Enterprise Product Data Management) that allows multiple users to share information and make changes in real time.
TinkerCAD 2013:- TinkerCAD is virtually a new 3D CAD modelling software that can be used to accomplish architectural drawings and architectural models. It provides its user with a very easy to learn/use interface to help draft 3D models quickly.
HP Z820 Work Station:- If you are one of those who architectural designs and 3D modelling servesas your main source of income, then getting the Hewlett Packard Z820 work station is highly recommended for it provides you with the support base to carry out bulk projects. The HP Z820 is designed with approximately 16 core processors, 512 gigs of ECC memory, a dual NVIDIA Quadro graphics card and its high speed storage disks comes with 14 terabytes of space for managing all types and memory sizes of designs.