Monday, 12 November 2012

Android OR iOS: Which is the best ?

Usage of mobile phones has increased rapidly. Most widely used smart phones  contain Android and iOS softwares. Apples’ iOS was released in 2007 in the US market whereas Google’s’ Android was developed and released in the year 2005.  Both the software’s are supported by smart phones, tablets and ipad.

IOS operating system is developed to run only on Apple devices whereas Android OS can customize and run on any device. This is the major advantage of Android over Apple iOS.

 Comparison between iOS and Android:

  • The basic concepts like the file system, interface, performance and software selection varies in both the platforms.
  • There are a few applications which are not supported by each device like automatic Sync of social networking sites, Viber, VoIP application and spontaneous app update. These differ for both the platforms.
  • The multiple email attachments are not supported by iOS whereas it is supported by android.
  • IOS is Apple’s proprietary whereas the Android is a Google open source.
  • 3D Google map supports on Android but not on iOS.
  • The adobe flash Support is not present in iOS but it is available in Android. There are many more applications and specifications which differ in them.

Major features for the phone:

iPhone over Android:
  1. iPhone’s retina display is an advantage for its design and display. It has the finest quality of picture and screen resolution.
  2. Applications are plenty in iOS, this makes android go down in its applications.
  3. Face time is an interesting feature in iPhone; it allows video calling to all iDevices. But the Smart phones with Android software rarely have the second camera option.
  4. The Operating system gets updated for every launch of iDevices.
Android over iPhone:
  1. As android is the open source it can be used in any device or any smart phone but iOS is only for apple. Hence apple has limited choice whereas Android rules.
  2. The high definition and ability to play videos on TV through several HMDI ports. iPhone doesn’t have any extra port or card slot.
  3.  Some Smart phones have a powerful processor which is not in IOS platform.

Though both the platforms differ a lot, people buy both. Select a suitable mobile which can be useful to meet all your requirements. Though iPhone has huge demand, android is leading the market in first place. As android is an open source and less in cost-effective users decide to buy it.

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About the Author: The guest post was contributed by Diana, Passionate guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her  blogs @financeport


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