Thursday, 1 November 2012

Architectural Design Technology

Latest 3D Architectural Design and Engineering Graphics Technology
As 2013 draws near, all major CAD manufactures have outlined their plans for producing enhanced graphics interfaces, CAD workstations and 2D/3D modelling software to handle the ever changing demands of CAD users. Leading the raise in designing the latest CAD technology for architects, Engineers and graphics designers are the major CAD software companies which includes: Autodesk (the renowned producers of the AutoCAD series), Microstation, ArchiCAD, Hewlett Packard (the leading producers of CAD work stations) and even Google has joined the CAD community with its latest technology.

What to Expect From 2013 Architectural Design Software
AutoCAD2013:- Keeping with their 3 year development cycle, Autodesk released its 27th version of its AutoCAD design software to the public and as expected, Engineers and Architects have been gifted with a new user-interface which becomes apparent to the user right from the begining. On launching the AutoCAD 2013, the user is immediately greeted with a unique welcome screen which provides the designer with the ability to perform diverse functions such as;
·         Launching its tutorial
·         Opening files saved on older AutoCAD versions
·         The use of its specialized tools and
·         The ability to link to video tutorials explaining its latest features.
For CAD design enthusiasts, the new features of AutoCAD 2013 includes; a new cloud platform that allows users share data in different file formats and also link their designs to social media sites (Twitter and Facebook) when needed. The command line has also been simplified to a simple line panel which reduces clutter on work spaces, improved easy to use array tool for creating rectangular and polar arrays with ease and a complete new tool set for documenting your 3D models and the changes you make.
3D SOLIDWORKS 2013:- Solid Works has since been hailed as the best 3D architectural design tool for mechnical parts due to its abilities to create machine components of all shapes, assemble them and simulate movement. With its 2013 version, Solid Works has once again raised the bar for it provides CAD designers with unique interactive features when designing individually or in a group.
Its new features include; a sustainability platform that allows its users to conduct life cycle assessments on their designed. Components, find related components which can be incorporated into the design and observe how environmental/natural elements affect your design and its material overtime. Solid works 2013 also provides a special platform (Solid Works Enterprise Product Data Management) that allows multiple users to share information and make changes in real time.
TinkerCAD 2013:- TinkerCAD is virtually a new 3D CAD modelling software that can be used to accomplish architectural drawings and architectural models. It provides its user with a very easy to learn/use interface to help draft 3D models quickly.
HP Z820 Work Station:- If you are one of those who architectural designs and 3D modelling servesas your main source of income, then getting the Hewlett Packard Z820 work station is highly recommended for it provides you with the support base to carry out bulk projects. The HP Z820 is designed with approximately 16 core processors, 512 gigs of ECC memory, a dual NVIDIA Quadro graphics card and its high speed storage disks comes with 14 terabytes of space for managing all types and memory sizes of designs.


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