Thursday, 29 November 2012

Finding Apps you Love on Digg

About Digg
Digg is regarded as one of the best social media websites that allows people to vote for or against web content; a majority of times content is in the form of news stories. In an era where information, communication and entertainment (ICE) are the major activities under which any kind of social activity falls, Digg is counted as one of the best social media websites.

More information about this website
Website type: Social news website
Website Language: English

A website that started off as an experiment among four of its collaborators is regarded as one of the best platforms that allows users to discover, share and recommend web content. Members of this social media are allowed to submit websites. Voting among members of Digg takes place. Members are allowed to vote for or against a page. Page up is considered as a voting for the particular website, it also goes by the name ‘Digg’. Voting against the website is called down or ‘Bury’.

This social website is so popular that many parent websites have added a Digg button to their web pages. This gives website visitors an opportunity to vote for or against their website. The creators of Digg went a step ahead and revamped this website. The friends’ list feature was included and categories for content like science, technology, videos, entertainment, gaming and business were added.

Features of this social website
A closer look at a few key features of Digg has been taken

Digg app
In early 2010 Digg launched its free mobile app. This app allowed users to browse through Digg stories and content. It also allowed users to share Digg content using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Digg API
In the year 2007 Digg opened its API to the public allowing software developers to write applications and tools based on queries of Digg’s public data. 

Facebook Connect
Call it an innovation or convergence, Digg launched a feature that was known by the name Facebook Connect. Through this feature, Facebook can be successfully integrated with Digg. When a Facebook account is linked to a Digg account, content from Digg can be shared on the users’ Facebook wall.  Facebook Connect also allows users to log on to Digg eliminating the necessity to create a Digg account. This is regarded as one of the advantages of Facebook Connect.

You can access Digg’s features without leaving the current webpage that you are working on. Thanks to the DiggBar feature. The DiggBar looks like a toolbar that sits above the page. This toolbar allows users access Digg analytics and comments. However, this DiggBar was removed.

Latest redesign
This social website has had its share of redesign. It underwent a drastic redesign in the year 2012. The new webpage sports an editorial driven look giving this website a professional look. The front page of this website also contains more images and it features the top, popular and upcoming news stories.

Finding Apps you Love on Digg
Digg has introduced a new feature which goes a long way in making the discovery of apps more than just easy. This feature is regarded as one of the best business models comes after Digg’s success with the ‘sponsored story links as an ad-unit’ concept. This concept has been applied to the mobile platform and Digg calls it ‘Apps We Love’.

In the test phase of this new concept, two apps that have been featured are Tapestry and Zapd. They have enjoyed a click through rate of 4 and 2 per cent respectively for around 250,000 ad impressions on the Internet and mobile platform. However, we will have to wait and watch how this new business model performs.

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