Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Release date, expectations and features of iPad mini

IPad mini is the biggest controversy of this time in the technology world. Some said that the expected release date will be 17th of October of 2012 but that did not come true and now the rumors are saying that the date has been postponed and shifted to 23rd October. This is going to be a big date as many expectations are being associated with this small gadget. This small gadget is going to bring big changes in the year end in both the share market and competition of gadgets.

IPad mini is likely to be shown first time in the Apple town hall auditorium, after this first show iPad mini will hit the market shelves in November. If this device of Apple will compete other devices of same kind, this will be a great achievement of Apple, as it is introducing a mini tablet after a long break as compared to other brands. Google Nexus has already hit the hearts of tech lovers and iPad mini will make its space depending on the features and price on which Apple will offer it to the general consumers.

Why Apple kept us waiting for this mini iPad for so long?
Initially Apple had no intentions to launch any product of this kind. Steve Job showed least interest in the market of 7 inch tablets; however he focused on other gadgets and tablets, bit after the great success of Google Nexus 7 and kindle fire Amazon and other gadgets of same kind. Apple has also shown interest in manufacturing a 7.85 inch iPad mini with iOS6. Current CEO is hopeful to bring the shares up after the release of this mini gadget. The biggest charm of people is to enjoy the latest iOS6 in a smaller tablet which they can carry more easily- iPad mini is surely going to fulfill this purpose.

Improved apps in iPad mini as compared to iPhone 5:
Another expectation of people is that Apple will surely remove the drawbacks which were found in the device released in September- iPhone 5. It did not included Google products and the products especially map application of iOS6 had inaccuracies for which Tim Cook apologized after the release of iPhone 5 and there were some issues in the camera of some sets as well.

Bigger screen than iPhone is a great charm but some people are offended on the 9.7 inch screen and they want a middle sized gadget which can handle all the things in a flexible manner. IPad mini is such a device which will complete the desire of those people who were waiting for an Apple’s product with a middle sized screen between full tablets and smartphones. IPad mini will complete Samsung Galaxy tab 7 inch and kindle fire with a plus point of having iOS6 installed in it! We are crossing our fingers to see an amazing product within a weak- iPad mini.

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