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The best map app choices for the iPhone 5

The choice on the map app that a person will want depends on the type of navigation technique that the person will require. This therefore means that among all the apps that are available, one has to make sure that they determine which will be best according to the requirements. The different apps are characterized as ones to bring a new experience every time they are called upon to perform. The most common and effective map apps that can be used for the iPhone 5 are listed and detailed below.


Bing 3.03

This map app is free on the web and serves as effectively as it can. Though basically a search engine, it can also be able to provide some solid and dependable maps which will guide someone to their destination with absolute ease. The Bing app is quite efficient and can be relied upon to provide the ultimate answers to any navigation question that a person may have.

Garmin navigation app

This app has a very easy functionality interface and makes it very easy for any person who wishes to be guided to have the best experience that they can dream of. It is also equipped with voice based navigation technology which means that one can be able to provide a verbal request for directions and they will be in line to receive a verbal response with the details that they need. This is quite the easiest way to obtain directions for any destination while ensuring that it is both an effective and fun exercise.

MapQuest map app

This iPhone 5 map app comes incorporated with a one touch menu which ensures that one can get the information from a simple touch. This is the easiest and fastest way of ensuring that directions to the destination can be accessed at an instance. The app is also able to provide live traffic views and this enables one to be able to avoid the traffic congested areas and find an alternative route that will let them reach their destination faster.

Waze app for maps

This app has been made to specifically master the art of traffic data and direction combination. It produces a detailed structure of the roads available and show the options that are suitable. The map structure is displayed with all the features and hence one can be able to know what type of road they can use coupled with the length and vicinity. Furthermore, one can be able to save maps for offline use.

Navigon map app

It uses public transport options like subways to provide the options that can be used at any one time. This increases functionality and ease of maneuver.

Magellan Roadmate app

This iPhone app displays road speed limits and the pedestrian pathways. This therefore means that it can be useful for both drivers and pedestrians. The app also provides for live camera feeds which are very instrumental in feeding the individuals with information on which roads to avoid and which can be taken to ensure a faster arrival.

Hopstop navigation

This is a GPS enabled navigation mechanism which has also mastered all the transit schedules. This helps individuals to know when and in what way to exit or enter a lane which will lead to the next destination.

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