Monday, 28 January 2013

3M's Handheld Projector - True Fun to Hangout with

Pico has been producing projectors for nearly half a decade now but they haven't been able to make an impact that was expected. But geeks all around are really fond of it. They are fascinating all of us with gizmos but it's not obvious that everyone would like it. 

The 3M Pico projector is the first of their lot that has a lot to offer. With its pocket sized structure, the look will surely disguise you a lot. Its brilliance at its best as it comes with integrated Roku Streaming Stick which means that there is a lot of wireless activity you can manage. 

There is also a built in rechargeable battery which means no strings and wires attached to the device while in use. Netflix on the wall is really cool and imagine putting up a TV anywhere anytime you need it.

Although like every device it has some faults too, specially the limited time battery life of about 1.5 hrs, brightness and a DVD like resolution. But it won't distract you from this high end cool gadget.

Design - Pocket Sized
This freak is a true example of looks being deceptive. The little curved plastic body which is pocket sized has all the elements which can stimulate you to grab it and you can start streaming and projecting anywhere.


Controls are basic and you don't have to read manuals to use it. For a Roku stick there is a remote which helps you control everything. The remote is thin and it has a credit card style click buttons. At the back there is a plastic cover encasing Roku stick. The stick is chunky but 3M have made a brilliant design as it just embeds and disappears into the projector device.


This is a very beautifully designed streaming projector by 3M. All features work wirelessly for this device.  There's an included "wall wart" AC adapter that can power the Streaming Projector, as well as recharge its battery.


With a projector that fits your hand its rare that the image and viseo quality will be bluray like but somehow they have managed to give you a DVD quality video which is also good. The resolution it projects is 800x480 pixels which is good from this small device. The projector is capable of 60-lumen light output, which is nothing compared with a true home theater projector, but it's comparable to some of the other pocket projectors on the market.

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