Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Essential Tips to reduce blog bounce rate

You may have traffic, but if you are not converting customers into your site, then  your blog is not efficient. By having visitors who just visit your site for a few seconds, it will mean that your blog has a high bounce rate which is not a good thing, the essence of a blog is a place where a reader can find topical issues and other necessary beneficial articles that will keep him either occupied of entertained. Below I shall explain to you different  ways you can use to lower the bounce rate.

Target Audience : you should target wisely only those clients who are relevant to you. There are ways this can be done, but the simplest way this is achievable is by being specialized, and having specialized contents that could only appeal to that section of readers if its a blog to do with accountants, then you have information relevant to the CPA program and how the profession doing?

Layout & Design : themes have an effect on the bounce rate of blogs. The design should be well presented with mild tones and warm colors for easy reading.

Content : good content will keep people clued to your blog and reduce the bounce rate. Having content that is informative on a daily basis and is necessary for a kind of knowledge that is vital to survival. Having unique articles is also vital for your reputations. Never copy and paste someone else work, since will be deemed stealing and people will perceive your blog as just a copy of other good sites.

Allow feedback : this way you will have encouraged people to interact, and we all know this is what people mostly like. So when you publish a quality articles  and you get good reviews, you will definitely be more motivated to even do better. This kind of back and forth communication with your readers benefits both you and them also.

Over-utilization : when readers go online and want to read beneficial topics about topical issues, the last thing they want is to be bombarded with the constant links to your content. The side effect of this is that you will lose many readers and ultimately the bounce rate will grow higher

Plugins: Wordpress which is used to run websites normally has so many plugins that make it do almost anything. The plugins do reduce the bounce rate like the related posts and others

Interlinking: internal interlinking is very vital, and search engines like it too. When you interlink, it's possible interlink related articles so that when a reader is interested in  a particular, they get to read as much as possible on that particular subject. The readers end up spending more time, and this is what Google likes seeing since they assess the quality of your blog with  the average time a reader stays on your site.  

Having an interactive dialoque: this is the best way to keep the lines of communication and engagement active and fulfilling both to the reader and the blogger

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