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There is nothing interesting or desirable about paperwork. Yet every day,  we are shuffling through papers and documenting every professional move we make. Chaotic and confusing, paperwork can dominate the life of a business owner. It is not until recently that moves have been made to avoid dealing with piles of papers and documents.

The iPad has been revolutionary in shifting the challenging burden of paperwork in an easy and efficient chore. For business owners in every kind of profession ranging - from trade to factory owners, the iPad has managed to relieve a lot of stress associated with paperwork, providing extra hours each day for more productive activities.


The standard price for an iPad is under $500.

An iPad weighs 1.5 pounds and has 10 hours battery life. It can be used both at home and for your business.

If a carpenter had a client, he would generally fill out a paper card which will go back to the office and get filed away. If that customer rings up a few months down the track claiming there is a problem with the job, he would have to go back to the office and find the job. Now, each customer and order can get stored in the iPad in individual folders ensuring organization and ease.

For a business owner doing physical labor every day, paperwork is the last thing he wants to do. Before the iPad, owners are in the office every night doing paperwork and heading back to the office two to three times a day to access work orders, emails, faxes and documents. With the iPad, owners have the luxury of transporting their office wherever they go.

Tradies can look up the layouts and plans of the projects they work on as well as looking up the specifications and communicating with contractors. If there are changes made to a bathroom layout or a wiring layout, you can access them straight away. It provides a substantially less stressful work environment.


Mail: This app comes standard with your iPad. This allows you to access every email to you at any point throughout the day.

LogMeIn: This app allows you to control your Mac or PC right from your iPad, giving you access to your home or work machine wherever you go.

Agenda Calendar: This outdoes the standard calendar app by syncing up with a host of online calendars and provides quick messaging from within the app.

Glassboard: An app providing an easy way to set up and take part in discussion groups between yourself and clients or coworkers.

Soulver: A calculator that allows you to save precious calculations, conduct running totals and much more.

Article by Sharon Freeman who writes about business and office management for companies such as  tradiepad


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

5 iPhone Apps to Help You Write a Great Speech

Public speaking has always been a feat: standing in front of a crowd and being forced to recite words which have lost all of their meaning after your hours of preparation. Sweaty palms. A nervous twitch. Dry mouth. The words disappear, and you’re left there, standing, with nothing to say.
If you can relate to that scenario at all, you’ll understand why it’s such a relief that in today’s day and age we have iPhone apps which can help us to overcome these basic issues of public speaking to give us a wonderful speech. The apps won’t write the speech for you; they’ll help you to deliver a great performance that won’t leave you in tears of embarrassment afterwards. These 5 great iPhone apps should be everything you need to confidently deliver your speech in front of hundreds of people!

The thing that makes Evernote a great app is that you can sync your data from any of your devices. So whenever you think of something great for your speech, just grab your mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop and add it to the Evernote database. You can organise your notes in any way that will help you the most, and you can search your previous ideas to keep track of those long projects that you have been planning for.
Quote Book
Every great speech starts off with a quote. Whether you want to quote Albert Einstein’s famous quote about insanity or a more obscure quote from a little known politician, the Quote Book app has everything you need to engage your audience with a quote that will make them think.

 There are more than 3,000 quotes in its in-built database, from over 400 different people. You can even add your own quotes to your personal library of quotes, so if you think that you’ve thought of something very poignant you might want to add that in! There is an additional feature which offers instant information about the author of the quote from their Wikipedia page, so you won’t be left red-faced if you have little knowledge of the person!

Remote Desktop

One problem with writing a good speech is that ideas will come to you anywhere: in the bath, in the car or while in bed. With the Remote Desktop app, you can use your iPhone to access your desktop remotely, allowing you to gain access to the notes that you have made for your speech on your computer from your phone.

 If you are stuck on a train without your main PC, this is especially helpful; never again will you need to use a pen and paper to jot down ideas which are inevitable lost.

Speech Timer

The Speech Timer app is especially useful if you are doing a presentation for school or university, where you need to speak for a set amount of time. This works both ways: sometimes people find themselves rambling off topic, and other people find themselves unable to occupy the time which they need to fill resulting in minutes of tedious silence. 
The app will also enable you to set different colours and sounds to appear on your phone at set timed intervals, so, for example, you need to speak on five different topics you can set the timer to show you when to switch. With some practise this app will help you to deliver a wonderfully fluent speech with no awkward pauses or silences.

Quick Voice Recorder
This app’s uses transcend just preparing for a speech. Not only does the app allow you to record your voice for extended periods of time (something which is hard to come by with a lot of apps of a similar nature), there is a voice to text feature which enables you to send emails of whatever you have recorded.
Therefore not only can you jot down your ideas verbally and record your speech and play it back to yourself, you can also record entire meetings or lectures for future reference. In this day and age, written minutes of meetings are no longer necessary; this app can send copies of a verbal record which has been transcribed to text instantly.

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My name is Sonia Jackson. I represent the web-site essays.mightystudents. We’ll help you to solve all problems with writing different essays and research papers in a short time; we’ll answer all your questions and give you useful advice.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Why Should Small Businesses Adopt Smartphones

mrtechpathi_why_should_small_businesses_adopt_SmartphonesUnlike larger companies, small businesses are more challenged to establish themselves and maintain their stay in the very competitive market. Why is that? 

Well for one, they don't have that much capital. They don't have the luxury to spend on expensive business tools such as dedicated servers for example. 

That is why thousands of small and mid-size businesses today are upgrading their phone systems by availing phone services from RingCentral telephone service providers or other credible and reliable providers. 

But that is just one example. They should also consider other new and relevant technologies that can help them in various aspects such as daily operation, marketing, customer service, finance, management, and others. With that in mind, the adoption of Smartphones in running the business seems practical and beneficial.

To help you out more, read on below some of the reasons why small businesses such as yours should adopt Smartphones.


·         Access information from anywhere and anytime. 

     You can appreciate this in two ways. One is through the capabilities of the Smartphone that allows you to have knowledge about what is happening in your business if you are far away like in a business meeting in a five star hotel. You can always perform functions such as calling, text messaging, voicemail and email. With this, you can always check and monitor the progress of your business on a day to day basis. 

     The second one is through the access of information external to the business. Examples of these are breaking business news, weather updates, directions and maps, traffic report, and a lot more. With these being made available through various apps, you can be more flexible and avoid external factors that may delay or hassle you in accomplishing your tasks for the day. This applies to all business people - owners, partners, suppliers and employees. 

·         Allows you to be more organized and flexible. 

    Before, business people have to always bring mini-planners to take note of their schedules and contacts. Today, what they need to bring is just a Smartphone and they can already have everything from appointment schedules, contacts, notes, and documents. Add to that the automatic reminder feature which works as your digital secretary. 

     When it comes to flexibility, there is also another way by which you can appreciate it. It allows you to perform tasks such as editing of appointments, organizing contact lists and documents while on travel or going to a business meeting. In this way, you can really optimize time in accomplishing more tasks.

·         Wide range of features for greater functionality. 

     Aside from the basic functions, Smartphones have built-in cameras that you can use to take photos of products so the recipient can have more idea about what you are talking about. This is also beneficial for office employees that needs to check the warehouse for example but can't instantly go there. So, the on-site employee can just take a video or photo and send it to the office. Photos of warehouse machinery can be also taken to check if there are any damages.

Another feature that can be optimized in marketing is the Multimedia Messaging System or MMS. This is like SMS marketing. But with MMS, you can include graphics and animations. You can also add music in a message. This is a more creative way of informing and reaching your prospective customers.

Author's Bio 

Michael H. Morgan is a copywriter and editor who enjoys the challenges of creativity and attention to detail. He writes about a wide variety of topics of interest in the field of technology and current trends in the industry and creates only original content. He also writes about telecommunications and lately concentrates on business phone service and would love to hear you on Twitter. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Review On The Performance And Connectivity Of The Samsung Galaxy S IV

Just a few weeks ago, Samsung, one of the leading manufacturers of Smartphones today, has unveiled the newest addition to their Galaxy S product line – the Samsung S Galaxy IV. The Galaxy S IV (simply referred to as GS4 by many) has long since been waited upon by many, not only by loyalists, but other techno whizzes as well. One of the main reasons behind this Smartphone been a hot topic of rumours even before it was launched is simply because of the fact that its predecessor, the Galaxy S III performed exceptionally well, which is evident in the number of units that the manufacturer sold.

This review, which focuses on the performance and the connectivity aspects of the Galaxy S IV, will help you determine if buying this Smartphone will be a good decision for you as a business user. If you want to know whether or not having this phone for your business is just as important as using third party phone services such as the RingCentral business phone, make sure that you read this entire review.

Performance of the Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is equipped with a 5-inch AMOLED multi-touch screen, an Octa-Core processor, a RAM of 2 GB, and a camera of 13 megapixels. It is mainly because of these qualities and product specs that the GS4 is considered to be one of today’s most powerful Smartphones (or phablets). It sure does dominate the other Android phones in this line up. Additionally, this latest Galaxy S model comes with a number of features that have out shined many of today’s high end Smartphones, particularly its greatest rival, the Apple iPhone 5.

The Galaxy S IV is powered by the outstanding 1.6 GHz 5 processor Octa-Core. This is possibly its biggest advantage over its major competitors. It also runs on the newest Android operating system, which is the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. This is completed by the 2 GB of RAM that it is equipped with, which makes it a perfect combination, especially for those who are tired of phones that regularly hang, lag, and crash.

The battery performance of the Samsung Galaxy S IV is the best that you can get in today’s market. With its Ample 2600 mAh battery, you can expect the Galaxy S IV to provide you with a longer battery life –longer than its predecessor and many of the other high end Smartphones you will find today. It also comes with numerous sensors, including thermometer, proximity Barometer, hygroscope, and an accelerometer. Smart Gestures, such as the Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, and the Smart Stay are two of the unique features you will enjoy with this phone.

Connectivity of the Samsung Galaxy S IV

In terms of connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy S IV performs great, even for those who have high expectations. In addition to the basic connectivity aspects such as 2G, 3G, and Wi-Fi, the Galaxy SIV also offers 4G LTE network. This means that the GS4 is a great option especially for those who would want to use the phone for business purposes. You can enjoy VoIP services through this phone – something that your business will definitely benefit from.

The Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is definitely a deal-breaker for all of its great features and qualities. The GS4 is also cheaper compared to the iPhone 5, something that Samsung is well known for. In a nutshell, this can be a great addition to your business’ communication means. 

Author's Bio
Michael H. Morgan is a copywriter and editor who enjoys the challenges of creativity and attention to detail. He writes about a wide variety of topics of interest in the field of technology and current trends in the industry and creates only original content. He also writes about telecommunications and lately concentrates on business phone service and would love to hear you on Twitter.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ten years of tech

It's been a momentous decade for technological advance. Read on to see how far we've come and reminisce about a time where things were simple; that’s right - 2003.

With an influx of anniversaries recently - the fortieth year of the cell phone, the twentieth year of the internet and the tenth anniversary of tech tools that have become an integral part of our life, like iTunes and Skype - we’ve taken a look back at the past ten years of technology. Read on to feel old and amazed in equal measures.

Flashback to 2003

2003 doesn't feel like that long ago does it? Cast your mind back to what you were doing. Maybe you were gasping over the t.A.T.u. music video on MTV, wondering who these Black Eyed Peas were, queuing at the movies to see the last Lord of the Rings film or asking people if they'd seen the new show "Two and a Half Men". Of course, if you hadn't seen it, you'd just have to wait Blockbuster got the DVD in. Unless someone had taped it… 


You were probably also strolling around showing off your new Nokia 1100. Features included SMS to many, a calculator, a torch, enough memory for 50 contacts and of course the ability to make those awesome self-composed ringtones. Up until relatively recently, the Nokia 1100 this was still the best selling consumer electronic device in the history of the world, shifting 250 million units since 2003. And guess what - it's still the world's biggest selling phone of all time. 

Fast forward to 2007 - the first iPhone appeared, changing our lives forever. Boasting a 2.0MP camera and a 3.5-inch screen, this phone was the dog's danglys, and Apple shifted over 1 million of them in the first 74 days of sale.

But six years later - a lifetime by tech standards - and its bye bye generation 1. This year, the original iPhone will officially be considered "obsolete" or "vintage" by Apple retail stores and service providers, with replacement parts no longer available.

Today, the newest version of the iPhone can hold roughly 28,000 music tracks, run thousands of apps, record high quality video and keep us connected wherever we are. Modern phone services are completely unrecognisable compared to ten years ago, with internet messaging and video calling available on a multitude of devices at any time.

The Google revolution

In 2004, Larry Page and Sergey Brin sold Google shares to the public for the first time, making search an integral part of life and turning the company name into both a noun and a verb at the same time - the ultimate sign of market dominance. And dominate they do, today holding around 80 per cent of the market share despite competition from Yahoo!, Microsoft and a fleet of other search engines.

The social explosion

If you're anything like me, your first internet friend was some guy called Tom and you spent a couple of years assessing your self-worth according to how many top eight friend lists you appeared on. But social media has blown out of all imaginable proportions since sites like MySpace and Friendster blasted onto the scene in 2003.

Since Facebook and Twitter opened up to the masses in 2006, social media has brought us together in a way that was almost unimaginable ten years ago. Stemming from a few early tentative steps, we have now witnessed tweets from space, the President of the United States and the Pope. 9100 tweets are now sent every second, although Facebook still dominates the social world, chalking up its billionth user late last year.


In 2003, you might have landed yourself a new Game Boy Advance SP from Santa if you'd been really good. But with a market already saturated with PlayStations, Xboxes and GameCubes, you probably already had all the consoles you needed. That was, until the biggest change in video game technology we've seen in the past decade. The 2006 release of the Nintendo Wii brought motion controlled gaming to the mainstream and transformed how video games could be played. Interactive fitness games opened gaming up to a new demographic, with everyone from your brother to your granny wanting a shot at hitting an imaginary tennis ball.

Taking over

In 2005, a major step was taken towards the internet's destiny as a hub of user-generated content. YouTube launched, giving the average person free reign to upload their own videos for the world to see. At the same time, sites like Wikipedia were gaining momentum and bloggers started emerging from every corner of the earth to cast aspersions and give freedom of speech a whole new outlet. There was no longer anywhere to hide. The people had taken over.

From the first YouTube video showing a few elephants at the zoo, the site has snowballed out of all proportions, now boasting 1 billion unique visitors every month, 72 hours of video uploaded each minute and over 1 trillion views a year.

What's next?

So what is the future of technology in the next few years? Will Google glasses take off, superimposing digital information on the real world? What about smart watches, 3D phones and social media messages that self-destruct? If the last ten years are anything to go by, then this could just be the start. Watch this space.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

7 Best Android Games – Get Ready To Have Wildest Gaming Experience

Are you looking to download some best and popular Android games fro your android device? Here in this blog, you will find 7 best and top-rates android games that you can easily play with your loved ones and have fun together!!

When it comes to play a game, android smart-phone is one of the first things that strike in everyone's mind due to its flexibility and dynamic experience. Across the globe, there are millions of people, who prefer android only for a gaming purpose as android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems that secure its place in number of devices. Today, you can find complete range of android devices that you can purchase according to your requirements and play number of games in it.

On the Google play store, Android users can find a complete array of games of different categories; however, some games are chargeable and some are free. No matter whether you are looking to download learning game, puzzled game, action game or any other kind of game, you just need to visit Google Play store, where you can find thousands of games that are updated on regular basis. It will be bite confusing for you to choose best and worth games to download in your device, so here I have mentioned 7 best android games that you will love to play with your friends, family members, and dear ones. Have a glance on these below mentioned games that surely grab your attention!!

Zombie Evil (Free)

mrtechpathi_seven_best_android_gamesZombie Evil is one of the excellent android zombie shooting games that you should download in your android device. You can play this game any time and anywhere when you want to have some fun. The game offers 14 different types of classical firearms and you can enjoy headshot as well as pleasure of crushing in it. You can easily wipe out the waling dead and turn them into ashes. It also provide you multiple upgrade options, so download this game from Google play store that is obtainable free of cost.

Granny Smith (Cost: $1) 

mrtechpathi_seven_best_android_gamesGranny Smith is a great android game that you will surely love to play as it is a fast-paced racing game that filled with numerous crashes and amazing stunts. In this game, granny smith loves apples, but unfortunately bewheeled thief is theft her apples from garden. You have to help Mrs. Smith in this game as she swiftly skates through city crashing everything like offices, buildings and more. This game is packed with lots of features like dazzling visuals, physics, vintage replays and more.

Temple Run 2 (Free)

mrtechpathi_seven_best_android_gamesTemple Run 2 is one my favorite android games that I played most of the time in my android device. This is one such game that offers exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding. In this game, you can navigate perilous cliffs, forests, zip lines and mines as you have to try to run away with the cursed idol. Equipped with various features, Temple Run 2 is a fun-loving game that you can enjoy with your friends and dear ones.

Subway Surfers (Free)

mrtechpathi_seven_best_android_gamesSubway Surfers is another top android game that is an endless runner style game. In this game, the aim is to aid Jake escape the police inspector and his dog. Rush as fast as you can and move the oncoming trains. You can help Jake, Tricky & fresh escape from the grumpy inspector and his dog. With your cool crew, you can grind trains. Loaded with lots of features, Subway Surfers comes in colorful and vivid HD graphics. We can say that it is an all time favorite android game that you can enjoy in your device!!

Fruit Ninja (Free)

mrtechpathi_seven_best_android_gamesFruit Ninja is an excellent juicy game that comes with soft, splatty and satisfying carnage. In this game, you can become an ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash. In this game, you have to slice each fruit that flies and you need to slice it before it falls. Fruit Ninja is a high score game like Tetris, where you can play till the game gets much difficult for you. You can try-out this game and then decided then whether it is entertaining or not. I think, you will like this game as it packed with lots of features!!

Real Football 2013 (Free)

Real Football 2013 is the newest edition of the free soccer simulation and this game comes with a complete new set of moves. You can easily take part in the most immersive free soccer replication and show your power on the pitch. In this game, you can hire new staff members, deal with sponsors and more to reinforce your team of champions by developing your club facilities. 

About Author
ohn Peter is a Sr. android game developer at Perception System, a leading Android game development company that delivers superior quality android development services at the most competitive rates. Apart from developing apps, John has interest of writing blogs to share his knowledge which he has with him!!