Wednesday, 22 May 2013

5 iPhone Apps to Help You Write a Great Speech

Public speaking has always been a feat: standing in front of a crowd and being forced to recite words which have lost all of their meaning after your hours of preparation. Sweaty palms. A nervous twitch. Dry mouth. The words disappear, and you’re left there, standing, with nothing to say.
If you can relate to that scenario at all, you’ll understand why it’s such a relief that in today’s day and age we have iPhone apps which can help us to overcome these basic issues of public speaking to give us a wonderful speech. The apps won’t write the speech for you; they’ll help you to deliver a great performance that won’t leave you in tears of embarrassment afterwards. These 5 great iPhone apps should be everything you need to confidently deliver your speech in front of hundreds of people!

The thing that makes Evernote a great app is that you can sync your data from any of your devices. So whenever you think of something great for your speech, just grab your mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop and add it to the Evernote database. You can organise your notes in any way that will help you the most, and you can search your previous ideas to keep track of those long projects that you have been planning for.
Quote Book
Every great speech starts off with a quote. Whether you want to quote Albert Einstein’s famous quote about insanity or a more obscure quote from a little known politician, the Quote Book app has everything you need to engage your audience with a quote that will make them think.

 There are more than 3,000 quotes in its in-built database, from over 400 different people. You can even add your own quotes to your personal library of quotes, so if you think that you’ve thought of something very poignant you might want to add that in! There is an additional feature which offers instant information about the author of the quote from their Wikipedia page, so you won’t be left red-faced if you have little knowledge of the person!

Remote Desktop

One problem with writing a good speech is that ideas will come to you anywhere: in the bath, in the car or while in bed. With the Remote Desktop app, you can use your iPhone to access your desktop remotely, allowing you to gain access to the notes that you have made for your speech on your computer from your phone.

 If you are stuck on a train without your main PC, this is especially helpful; never again will you need to use a pen and paper to jot down ideas which are inevitable lost.

Speech Timer

The Speech Timer app is especially useful if you are doing a presentation for school or university, where you need to speak for a set amount of time. This works both ways: sometimes people find themselves rambling off topic, and other people find themselves unable to occupy the time which they need to fill resulting in minutes of tedious silence. 
The app will also enable you to set different colours and sounds to appear on your phone at set timed intervals, so, for example, you need to speak on five different topics you can set the timer to show you when to switch. With some practise this app will help you to deliver a wonderfully fluent speech with no awkward pauses or silences.

Quick Voice Recorder
This app’s uses transcend just preparing for a speech. Not only does the app allow you to record your voice for extended periods of time (something which is hard to come by with a lot of apps of a similar nature), there is a voice to text feature which enables you to send emails of whatever you have recorded.
Therefore not only can you jot down your ideas verbally and record your speech and play it back to yourself, you can also record entire meetings or lectures for future reference. In this day and age, written minutes of meetings are no longer necessary; this app can send copies of a verbal record which has been transcribed to text instantly.

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