Thursday, 13 June 2013

Track your Kids, Keys or any other objects using Locca! smart Gadget

If you one among those who often loose keys,pets, bikes and even kids, I am sure you will be looking after a smart gadget to help you.

A German based startup company has developed device to help you locate everything. Its named as Locca! with amazing caption "stop searching - start living". Locca! is also called LoccaMini.

In one and a half years, they have developed a tracking device that combines modern design, the smallest design, intuitive operation, long battery life, best location technology and multiple uses perfect in itself.

Locca! includes
  • Accurate positioning technology
  • Pre-installed SIM card
  • Beeper for acoustic localization
  • Motion sensor
  • LED light for searching in the dark
  • Energy saving mode
  • waterproof & shockproof
Recently it has even received an award from major companies for its innovative idea. LoccaMini was developed for animals and objects. LoccaPhone is use track infants.

Based on the object or infants, the device varies for tracking them. There are various packs provided by Locca! depending on your requirement.

Packs include :

Buddy Pack : LoccaMini is world best tracker for kids. When your loved ones are in danger, it always detects and gives you a call.

Bike Pack: With this device, your bike is safe from thieves. You can easily track down your bicycle.

CarPack: With LoccaPhone and the car charger you can find your car before leaving the country. You can protect your car or motorbike world wide.

PetPack: Keeping an eye on your pet is really difficult task. Now with Locca! you can just relax. If your pet is missing , you can easily track it down, no matter when and where it is roaming.

A collar and docking station will be given along with LoccaMini for tracking down your pet.

Stuff Pack: Whether it is key, bag or suitcase, protect what is important to you.


LoccaMini comes with various mounting options you can loose nothing more.

Buy at Locca!


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Is iOS7 Copy of Android OS features ?

Yesterday Apple Inc has unveiled a new Operating system iOS 7 to its iPhone ,iTouch and iPad devices.

Many feel that Apple has lost its richness in display with its new iOS7. People even commented that "Apple hired 10 year old boy to design the icons". Funny isn't ?

Highlights on iOS7 features:

  • New system design with more simplicity.
  • Includes subtle motion.
  • Enhancements in weather app.
  • Supports multiple apps to run at once.
  • Swipe up and Swipe down across the display screen are implemented.
  • Calender has been cleaned but and looks more streamlined.
  • Redesign of all icons.
  • Feature to organise your photos.
  • Refreshed Siri virtual assistant.
  • Siri voice is made more human than robotic.
  • To deter theft, iPhone with a new Activation Lock turned on will need your Apple ID and password to reset and reactive.

For more highlights watch this video.

Will iOS7 a killer of Android OS ? I don't think so.

After going through all these features, do you feel that Apple has copied many features from Android ?

iOS7 will be downloaded to your iPhone4 and later, the iPad2 and later and the iPad Mini for FREE. Test version is available to developers recently.Official version will be available this fall. So lets wait..


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Watch developed based on Ferrari: HUBOLT MP-05 "LaFerrari"

MP-05 LaFerrari Watch was released by Hublot right after unveiling "LaFerrai" at the Geneva Motor Show. This watch represents a very special series, entirely designed and developed by the Hublot Manufacture engineers and watchmakers in tribute to "LaFerrari".

Both watch and car are developed in parallel alongside the Ferrari teams. They share a number of common points. Albe to boast no fewer than 637 components for the movement, which is also equipped with a Tourbillion, as well as a power reserve of approximately 50 days thanks to its  11 barrels, arranged in a line just like a spinal column and interconnected so that they do not each discharge in turn but support each other, this watch is closer to being a concept watch.

Its looks amazing on your writs but bad news is its a limited edition timepiece. Its priced at 3,00,000 Swiss Francs ( $322000).

The watch is finely wrought in terms of shape, featuring a complex shaped sapphire crystal clearly reminiscent of the car’s outline, as well as an open case-back, and is made from black PVD titanium. It is topped by a titanium and carbon insert in its center, revealing the winding crown. The time-setting crown is positioned under the case.

 Both are completely integrated into the design, and therefore practically invisible. The movement has an original display, featuring first off on the front vertical face the small seconds indicated by means of an aluminum cylinder fastened onto the suspended Tourbillon cage (significantly bigger than usual with a cage diameter of 14.50 mm, for even better appreciation of the mechanical parts)

 The hour and minute are displayed to the right of the barrels, also indicated by means of one anodized black aluminum cylinder each. On their left is the cylinder indicating the power reserve. Reinforcing bars either side, made from anodized red aluminum, bring to mind Ferrari’s red signature. The desire for a truly exceptional watch has been extended to the design of the presentation case, made from Schedoni leather and carbon fiber, containing the specific tools for winding the watch, and whose design was also inspired by the world of motoring. Limited edition of 50 numbered pieces.


Monday, 10 June 2013

Car weighing only 99 Pounds. Ultra Efficient Super Light car

As economy is getting more worse and worse, people are paying more and more for fuel. People are much concerned about the amount they are spending for fuel. Have you ever dreamt of a car which gives 1000 miles per gallon. I am sure it looks unbelievable.Along with its amazing mileage this car has its own pros and cons.

Its true. A Ultra-Efficient Super-Light car tops 1300 miles per gallon. This car was built to win SAE Supermileage competition 2013. People call this as BYU Supermileage vehicle. Though car looks bit odd, it waits just 99 pounds which can accommodate only one person who needs to lydown for drive it.

Can anyone guess the top speed of this light weighted car ? Its top speed is 25 MPH. SAE supermileage competition 2013 doesn't bother about top speed, the main key is the mileage. That's the reason this car has won the competition 2013.

Earlier in 2012, BYU's entry reached 1135 MPG, but this hear they have focused on making a lighter and more aerodynamic car. They have reduce 22 pounds of their 2012 model by redesigning each and every part of their vehicle.

Coming to the competition, every car is given 20 grams of fuel and is then driven around 10 mile track. The fuel remained is measured after the course to determine the fuel usage. Based on remaining fuel,they calculate MPG and declare the winner.

Using these type of cards in real world may be diffuclt because of its light weight, low top speed and seating posture. But its fish like aerodynamic design looks great.

For more details check this video


Instant Results with Broadband Plans Compare Websites

Having an internet connection at home is a huge convenience for people who work at home. Working at the comforts of your own home is less tiring because you are the master of your own schedule. Online jobs like article writing and virtual assistants are in demand these days because of the innovation of technology and the needs of clients.

Working online requires a fast speed of internet. Slow connections may interrupt business transactions and workload.  Finding the right internet connection may be hard because the countless plans companies have to offer. Thankfully, there are websites that offer a carefree way of finding a broadband suitable for your needs.

These websites let you fill up a form with options you can choose to form your own mode of internet connection. Broadband plans compare websites are the best way to find an internet connection suitable for your needs and paying compatibility. Here are some examples of plans that these websites can offer for your online experience.
  • Cable Internet – This is recommended for people who want to experience the fastest internet connection there is. At a speed of 30Mbps, surely you never experience interruptions and could work at ease.
  •  Home WI-Fi – WI-Fi connections are considered to be the most ideal type of connection. Aside from being wireless, you can access the internet anywhere in your home or office. This is recommended for people who have laptops, smart phones, net books, and tablet PCs.
  •  Mobile Broadband – These are also known as 3G networks and can be accessed through the use of a mobile phone. This comes in handy because you can go online wherever signal can be reached. This is suitable for users who need to take internet connection outside the boundaries of home. 
  •  Fast Broadband – This connection is suitable for people who use the internet for work, download huge files or play online games. Similar to a cable connection, this type of connection is considered to be fast and can handle heavy loads of Mbps. The faster the internet is, the faster web pages can load up, downloads can arrive easily and can give ease to people who work online. 
  • Naked Broadband – People who want to have a fast internet connection without the use of telephone devices can opt for using naked broadband. These are available mostly in metropolitan areas and use copper telephone lines without having to pay for the phone rental.
  • Family Broadband – This is a form of bundle wherein a telephone line and internet connection comes together. This is essential for families who use internet connection at home, whether they use it for work or research. 
  • Tablet Plan – With the innovation of technology and gadgets, tablets are now the in thing. This has a larger view than a Smartphone and tablets plans offer you to connect to the internet anytime, anywhere. This can make you access your social networking and photo sharing sites from any place you are in. 
  •  Unlimited Broadband – Excess in data can definitely slow your connection. With unlimited broadband, you can download as much files as you want without the worry of generating too much data.
Broadband plans compare websites makes scouting for connections easier. They give instant results for your internet connection dilemmas. The next time you are looking for broadband connection, these websites are the way to go.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Why Windows 8 Boosts the Future of Cloud Computing

Windows 8 is the first operating system to fully-embrace cloud computing. In fact, every license holder gets SkyDrive, the Microsoft cloud storage system, along with the operating system. This means that users are no longer tied to one computer. You can access your cloud documents, images and even all of your settings from other computer terminals or devices. To date, Microsoft has sold more than 100 million Windows 8 licenses since its release in October, 2012, according to the "Seattle Times."

What's new about Windows 8 security?
Windows 8 offers some new security features that previous versions of the operating system didn't have, making it safer by far than Windows 7, according to an article by CNET, and more cloud-friendly. Included in the latest version of Windows are:
·         Windows Defender. With the introduction of Windows 8, there's basically no such thing as an unprotected Windows. This suite of tools runs in the background and alerts you to any suspicious and malicious activity. You can also use it to scan for Malware and correct any found issues. According to CNET, Windows Defender catches about 80 percent of attacks.

·         Phishing Filter. Also new with Windows 8 is a filter designed to isolate phishing scam emails. Windows Smart Screen also works hand-in-hand with Windows Defender to identify new malware and warn against unprotected apps.

·         New password and document protection. With cloud computing as an integral part of Windows 8, encouraging remote access, the system needs a way to beef up password and shared file security. Bit Locker, a new Windows 8 feature, is designed to address these issues. With Bit Locker, each document that you save on your computer is encrypted and thus can't be high-jacked during the cloud storage process.

Windows 8 and cloud computing
With the launch of Windows 8, not longer are users tied to just one computing device. In addition to SkyDrive, Windows 8 emphasizes cloud apps rather than programs that have to be downloaded, stored on the hard drive and can only be accessed by one computer. Windows 8 and its corresponding SkyDrive will also help users manage their computers files with less storage. Gone (or going) are the days when you needed more and more gigabytes of storage to be able to keep up with the latest games and apps. With Windows 8, all of those storage needs are handled by the cloud, paving the way for sleeker and more streamlined computers.
According to Tech Blog, Windows 8 is the first O/S to use cloud computing as it should be used. That combined with its touch screen capabilities and new security features, make it a package aligned with the future.