Thursday, 13 June 2013

Track your Kids, Keys or any other objects using Locca! smart Gadget

If you one among those who often loose keys,pets, bikes and even kids, I am sure you will be looking after a smart gadget to help you.

A German based startup company has developed device to help you locate everything. Its named as Locca! with amazing caption "stop searching - start living". Locca! is also called LoccaMini.

In one and a half years, they have developed a tracking device that combines modern design, the smallest design, intuitive operation, long battery life, best location technology and multiple uses perfect in itself.

Locca! includes
  • Accurate positioning technology
  • Pre-installed SIM card
  • Beeper for acoustic localization
  • Motion sensor
  • LED light for searching in the dark
  • Energy saving mode
  • waterproof & shockproof
Recently it has even received an award from major companies for its innovative idea. LoccaMini was developed for animals and objects. LoccaPhone is use track infants.

Based on the object or infants, the device varies for tracking them. There are various packs provided by Locca! depending on your requirement.

Packs include :

Buddy Pack : LoccaMini is world best tracker for kids. When your loved ones are in danger, it always detects and gives you a call.

Bike Pack: With this device, your bike is safe from thieves. You can easily track down your bicycle.

CarPack: With LoccaPhone and the car charger you can find your car before leaving the country. You can protect your car or motorbike world wide.

PetPack: Keeping an eye on your pet is really difficult task. Now with Locca! you can just relax. If your pet is missing , you can easily track it down, no matter when and where it is roaming.

A collar and docking station will be given along with LoccaMini for tracking down your pet.

Stuff Pack: Whether it is key, bag or suitcase, protect what is important to you.


LoccaMini comes with various mounting options you can loose nothing more.

Buy at Locca!


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