Wednesday, 24 July 2013

4 Tech Gadgets That Will Bring out Your Inner Science Geek

We are totally surrounded by technological gadgets in every facet of our everyday lives. These gadgets have become so commonplace that in most cases we hardly give them a second thought. However, there are still some gadgets that will amaze people, filling them with wonder at the power of technology. Take a look at these four tech gadgets that will bring out your inner science geek.

BioLite Camp Stove
 This is one of the coolest inventions for campers and hikers ever made. This portable camping stove converts the energy that is created from burning biomass into power that can be used to charge electronic devices. It allows hungry campers to cook their dinner and charge their iPods at the same time. The hotter the fire burns, the faster the electronic devices will charge. 

If you are a science geek who has never had the chance to use a microscope before, then you need to try one right away. We are surrounded by an unseen world of microscopic life that is fascinating to observe. Any person who wants to look at all of the fantastic little creatures needs to check out all of the microscopes that can be found at 

If you want to expand your vision instead of shrinking it down as a microscope does, then you need a telescope. Telescopes have come a long way from the simple devices that most science geeks remember from their childhood. You can know get telescopes that will give you an excellent view of objects not only in our solar system, but also in galaxies far, far away. 

A Globe That Floats
This is one of the neatest things that science geeks can get. The MOVA Globe is the perfect gift for a science geek who has a desk in an office. They will love to kill time at work by watching this floating globe rotate in front of their eyes, defying gravity and marveling coworkers. The floating globe rests on a transparent liquid that is virtually invisible to the naked eye. 

The device uses solar cells and magnets to power the rotation of the globe. Because it uses solar-powered cells, the MOVA globe will never need to be plugged into an outlet or have its batteries replaced. Its rotation is directed by a magnetic core, which mimics the magnetic core of the actual Earth. This makes is a fun device that science geeks will love.


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