Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Copying and Accessing data from Android Smartphone to Windows or Mac PC

From past few years, Android OS on mobile devices has created a great revolution in mobile market. Many smatphones using Android has significantly increased and millions of people around the world are using Android Smart phones.

When you buy and Android smart phone, you would love to take some snaps , take some videos and save important contacts. Though few are using cloud storage now-a-days to save their data online, many still prefer to copy their data to a Windows PC.

So, how do you do it ? 

Is a cable mandatory to connect your Android phone to Windows PC ? I don't think so. 

Can we do wirelessly ? Yes Ofcourse. There is no doubt about it.

There is an app which is free and fast. Its called AirDroid. As name states all data transfers over the air. Amazing isn't ?


AirDroid is fast ,free app that lets you wirelessly manage and control your Android from a web browser without cables.

With AirDroid you can capture remote screen shots, take photographs using phone camera, view your phone call logs and reply to SMS message from Windows PC. However, its not possible to initiate phone calls from the PC. May be coming version of AirDroid may provide this feature.

If your data port to Android smart phone is broken and if wifi works fine in your phone, Airdroid will be of much use to you.

To get it working, you first need to install Desktop client in your Windows or Mac PC first. You can download the client from  

Next download AirDroid app on your Android mobile. Download Android app from

Current AirDroid 3 is still not available in Google Play store. Get it beta version from here.


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tail for your smart mobile

For those who watch Movies, Television series on your mobile, this post is for you.

Many people including me have tendency of watching movies on my iPhone or any other smartphone which supports video streaming services like Netflix. A movie lasts at least for an hour. Holding an iPhone  which is 137grams for an hour is a pain.



So, I was looking around for a case which is light weight and can help to support in watching these videos for an hour long. I was interested in a simple design which doesn't add much weight to my iPhone. I found none for a while.

For quite a while, I pondered myself saying that iPhone is designed in such a way that no case on it looks good. It looks fantastic with its bear body.  I am sure most of you agree with me. Ofcourse, other mobiles looks fantasitc too.

At last, I bumped up into a site where they were selling Mobile Tail which looks like a tail of animal. Its a simple and quite interesting design. Looks designer feel their mobiles as pets. They have derived the concept of tail from this.

It's too flexible that it can hold your mobile vertically or horizontally and the angle can be easily changed by attaching the tail on a different spot on the back side.

ckie state  "A portion of the profits from selling this product will be donated to an animal preservation group".

Not but not the least, whats the length of the tail ? 

Its Length is 125 mm.  If you are interested, buy this on ckie.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

5 reasons to use cloud databases

The question of data storage is even more complex when you migrate to cloud solutions. The biggest concern of corporations is the loss of confidential data. However, not all the data can be transferred to a third-party company. In many countries the status of operators of personal data is still uncertain. Yet the number of database storage service providers in the cloud is growing steadily. How do they attract users? The first answer is obvious - saving money. However, there are other motives as well.

Cost Reduction
Normally, low initial cost and lower cost of operation of cloud solutions are considered to be the price advantages of this option of data storage. Choosing a cloud database, a company can save on salaries of database administrators. There are a few really skilled professionals in the market and, often, the ones that are already working in the company are overloaded with current tasks. Moreover, company budget and corporate policy do not allow hiring new employees. Choosing cloud solutions you won’t have to worry about configuring the database server, and the price for supporting it is usually much lower. 

Replacement of Staff - High Availability 
Unfortunately, a small team of in-house employees, overloaded with the database, can not always provide the necessary level of service. This is when cloud solutions, that promise a very high level of availability, and classic IT outsourcing come in handy. Hourly wages can be an effective way of organizing the IT support, including in the evenings, weekends and holidays.

Proactive approach 
The company experts’ skills of the DBMS are very often needed in many projects. On the other hand, this vital task of database monitoring and management is considered to be non-core activity for IT professionals. The team of database specialists, who are overloaded with higher priority tasks, does not have time for proactive work. This is why signing a contract with an external monitoring service provider you should make sure that it includes proactive monitoring. This will help the company get rid of a lot of unnecessary problems. 

Keeping up with the times 
DBAs and organizations where they work need to keep up to date with the latest database technologies. DB Software is becoming more complex, and the training of specialists gets increasingly expensive. External providers can quickly cover the gaps in knowledge and experience of internal teams. 

Lack of experience 
The fact is that many companies do not have database specialists. It's one thing to run a SQL Server or to insure the availability of the application. It’s quite a different situation to correct errors in the database and optimize its performance. Company’s internal IT team can manage for a while, but with the appearance of the real problems, the organization will have to urgently seek the help of an external expert. When it comes to the cloud, your database bottlenecks become a headache for the service provider. Of course, a large company could hire a really high-class specialists of database administration, you just have to get to the first level support line with your problem. 

Each organization is unique, and each of them has specific reasons for outsourcing. However, there are also many common reasons to use cloud databases. The need for high-quality technical support, of course, is paramount.

This article is provided by Marieta Hovhannisyan - a blogger, who is passionate about all things technology. She writes about latest tech news, specifically topics such as cloud computing, IT systems monitoring and big data.


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Free tool to Print screen and store captured files automatically to a specific folder you need !!!

This post is for Windows 7 users who struggle a lot to print screen and save the capture data into a JPEG,PNG etc files.

In Windows 7 and prior Windows platform to capture a screen shot, you need to go through following steps.

  1. Alt+PrintScreen
  2. Win+R ("run")
  3. type "mspaint" enter
  4. Ctrl-V (paste)
  5. Ctrl-S (save)
  6. use file dialog
  7. Alt-F4 (close mspaint)
Dont you think its a tedious process.  I think so. Why not use a software utility which does this task for you. 

Yes there is an utility called Screenshot Utility. This is an amazing tool which doesn't much computer skills to master it.

Just only two steps to follow:

Step 1 : Download the freely available utility from Screenshot Utility to your windows folder of your choice.

Step 2: Install by double clicking the downloaded executable and follow below images.

Accep the agreement

Choose next:

Select your installation folder. Mine I have selected as the default c:\Program Files(x86) folder

Complete the installation process by choosing restart later and clicking Finish button.

Now a small Camera icon pops up in your system tray. Its Screenshot Utility icon to change any settings or preferences.

Right click on the Screenshot Utility icon and select configure option.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

8 pieces of technology we expect to see in the office in the coming years

Even in the past ten years or so, we’ve seen an incredible rise in the amount of technological innovations which have taken place within the workplace. With the influx of new gadgets, IT equipment and technological gadgetry which has flooded both our private and working lives, it’s only natural to expect a whole lot more to infiltrate offices across the world over the next few years.

If you think that only ten years a go, if you’d have mentioned tablets in the workplace, you might have received some funny looks. Mainly because iPads and the Galaxy Nexus didn’t even exist then! Social networks, internet, email, GPS, touch screen mobile phones and many more innovations are now prominent in all walks of life, and their prices are tumbling southward on an ever more consistent basis. This only means that their usage will increase in the future with corporations investing in devices which aid productivity across all areas of a business.

Thinking about the technology which we now use that a decade ago didn’t even exist back then, there is even more reason to keep one eye on the future, here’s 8 technological innovations we expect to infiltrate the workplace in the coming years.

3D Printing

If your job involves designing or manufacturing products, you may soon find yourself with a 3D printer in your office, or even on your desk. This technology creates 3 dimensional objects by adding materials such as plastic, layer by layer, using computer aided design until an object is formed.

It will allow for designers to very quickly make design prototypes at their desks, and they’ll then have a better chance of catching design errors early on - resulting in cheaper manufacturing processes across the board.

Cloud technology
Forget costly servers which need continual maintenance whilst also taking up valuable office space. Cloud technology is the latest development in file storage. Instead of a businesses using physical storage servers, the future is set to occur somewhere in the clouds.

Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and Box all have their own various versions of cloud storage and all happen to have business editions which even now, in 2014, are becoming regularly used. We expect cloud storage to become more prominent in the future, especially with the productivity apps which increase office efficiency that major cloud players Google and Microsoft are equipping their cloud products with.

Web based cloud technology offers security, and allows sophisticated collaboration such as Google Apps which many small enterprises and even larger businesses are already using.

Adjustable smartdesks, or kinetic desks are set to revolutionise the way we spend our time at the office. There have been plenty of reports recently which have looked into the issue of continual sitting down, hence the need for something like the kinetic desk which adjusts.

Wearable technology
Nowadays, our smartphones and tablets allow us to take photos, videos and have many other functions, but the predictions are that by 2020 it will be the devices that we wear which we will be turning to first. This will be the case both at home and in the workplace, and we’re already starting to shift towards this with the Google Glass developments over the past couple of years.

It might be a number of years before wearable tech glasses or watches become prominent in the workplace, with it happening before we know it, and there will be a point when we simply don’t question it anymore.

Video conferencing 
Skype was the trailblazer when it came to video calling but it has now been taken to a new level through technologies like Google Chromebox. Chromebox again is just the start of what we expect to develop and become something which is much more prominent in offices, which is reliable, high resolution, high sound quality videoconferencing.

Talking to your computer
Voice activated software will take off, and while it’s not perfect yet, it will improve.

More touch screens
We now have touch screen mobile phones, laptops and televisions but did you ever think that touch screen tables would become a reality? Not only is the workplace set to see this innovation over the next five to ten years or so, but it’s thought that classrooms will be able to benefit from multi-touch, multi-user smartdesks which assist with pupil learning.

Imagine being able to display a project to a client, or a team within your business on a large smart table, not only would users be able to collaborate with ease, but documents could be accessed from a cloud storage facility with consummate ease.

No more offices
This could happen, with portable technologies and documents stored over the cloud, there’s then no need to be situated in a physical office. Working on the go will become the norm, and as wi-fi improves, connectivity will no longer be an issue.

In the 1970’s, office’s were populated with workers who typed their work on typewriters, and to think that we are now talking about technology which you wear on your person is incredible. Who knows what the distant future will hold!

Written by Jennifer Smith on behalf of Cloud Solutions, a leader in the provision of Cloud Technologies.

Image courtesy of Pinterest 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Introduction To Radio Controlled Helicopters

It is always pleasurable to get a hobby. Having a hobby will offer you something to spend your time on, and something to take pleasure in when you have substantial amount of free time. Radio controlled models are some of the unique hobbies you can indulge your time on. You can build models of practically any car, from watercrafts to aircrafts to helicopters. A crowd of enthusiasts will choose to have radio controlled helicopters as a hobby. Building a helicopter is extremely complicated, but by utilizing the best kits you can start without an issue. Once you fly your helicopter, you will feel gratified of the entire experience since flying a helicopter is a blast!
The most essential part of flying a model helicopter is to be skilled in managing it. You should understand exactly how to fly the helicopter, otherwise you run the risk of crashing it and destroying your entire investment. Make sure to obtain an air travel manual from someone you know has a radio-regulated helicopter.

Once you have made a decision to have a helicopter, you can start searching for your own kit. You can get radio regulated helicopters that come entirely assembled and all set to fly right out of the box. However, there is very little joy in buying this one, and it will likely only give you a few hours of entertainment. When you get a model that actually has to be built from a multitude of small plastic pieces, the thrill will be undeniable. You will likely get overwhelmed while building it. However, once you finish and get to see the helicopter you build flying efficiently, you will definitely appreciate the time you’ve put in.
You don’t have to be restricted to the easy kits. There are many different options for very innovative helicopters that have various shapes and features. You can discover these in specialty stores all over the internet, as well as in some brick-and-mortar shops (if you are lucky to have one nearby). Always make sure to research prior to buying and building one. You can find reviews and read about experiences all over the internet. You can learn about how well your chosen helicopter flies, how easy it is to assemble and navigate, and anything else that you want to learn about.
If the thought of flying RC helicopters looks forward to you, then check out a model kit today. It is a fantastic feeling to uncover a brand-new pastime that you are great at and enthusiastics about, so don't hold yourself back if you believe it could be a one of favorable in your life. I guaranteed when you start to play remote control helicopter at once, you will passion in it. For Rc helicopter It can normal fly only but you can control to fly in various style, it up to you and depend you skill. I am a one of who passion in remote control helicopter and I would like to introduce everyone to play it for once.

About Author
Hi, I’m Atiwat. I have started play RC helicopter for 2 years. And I would like to share knowledge and experience with who have interesting like me. That will be great if i have more friends who play remote control helicopter

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Product Review:Outlook Data File Recovery Tool to Recover Personal Folders .pst

MS Outlook data file recovery tool can be used to fix several PST file corruptions errors like: Outlook.pst is not a personal folder or Outlook unable to open xyz.pst file etc. It is a fully Windows based program that works only on Windows Operating System. I got this reliable application after a long time searches and by spending my precious time in Google. That’s why I am showing interest to write a review for this Outlook data file recovery software. The tool is very helpful for the needy users who are looking for such solution.


Why Need to Use an Outlook Recovery Solution?
I am using Microsoft Outlook as an email client from past 5 years for better emailing and data security purpose. According to my own knowledge I have noticed some general concerns when user need to repair corrupted Outlook database through a smart tool.
  1. Downloading number of emails day by day increases the size of PST file and also slows down working performance of MS Outlook. Some time it also frequent caused for corruption. To avoid this problem user need to execute repair task.
  2. Due to virus attacks, software, hardware or power failure Outlook PST file gets corrupted and user cannot read precious data from PST file. To repair an inaccessible Outlook personal folder file, Outlook data file recovery tool can be utilized.
  3. Deleted emails or other items (by pressing only deleted button) can be recovered itself by moving them from “Deleted Items”. But some time user shift deleted emails by the mistake or due abundance. And if he wants to recover missing emails from PST file that are deleted permanently then this tool comes in action. Because permanently deleted items cannot be recovered manually.

How to Repair Corrupted Outlook Database.pst?
By using this tool it is easy to repair PST file and export into a healthy PST. Only few steps are required to operate this automated solution that I have also seen at time of recovering my corrupt PST file.
  1. In the very first step download and install this tool in your computer (available free for trial)
  2. Open Application >> Click on open button to load corrupt PST file for the scanning process
  3. Application will start deep scanning to fix corruption errors and recover hard deleted items from the file  
  4. After finishing scanning, preview all data in software screen that can be export using full activated version tool (free version app will allow only previewing data)
  5. Click the save as PST button to export recovered data in a healthy PST file. Also get extra export options to save PST file data. 
  6. After getting over recovery process, a confirmation messages pops-up in screen.
Capabilities of Outlook Data Recovery Software Seen by Me!
  •         Works against all Outlook corruption errors and in deep corruption too
  •         Recovers soft & hard deleted items without skipping single information
  •         All MS Outlook editions and PST formats (ANSI & Unicode) are accepted
  •         Tool has multiple export options to save data: PST, EML & MSG formats
  •         Allow splitting a large Outlook data file into small PST files (1 to 100 GB)
  •         Preserve email headers, html and rtf formatting in same folder mapping
Product Information: Outlook Data File Recovery Tool!
Product Name

Recover Outlook

PCVITA Software
Latest Edition

Product Size

3.27 MB
Demo Ver. Price & Limit

Free – Recovers corrupt PST and preview data
Full Ver. Price & Limit

$49 (Personal) –  Recovers and Export data to PST
Product Details

Installation Pre-requirements!
The application requests some basic system requirements and they are:
System Requirement

PCVITA Recover Outlook
Supported OS
Windows 8.1 & below versions (32-bit is recommended)
Hard Disk Space
Minimum of 10 GB
Memory (RAM)

Comparison in Free Demo and Full Version Tool
Free demo version tool is for only trial purpose and restricted to save and split PST file. Here is a list of features to clarify difference between demo and full version of product.

Demo Version
Full Version
Scan Corrupt PST file
Recover Deleted Items
Support ANSI & Unicode formats of PST
Support Windows OS
Export PST to PST, EML, MSG
Split PST File

Conclusion Based on Own Experience:
As a user, I found the software applicable of recovering healthy data items from corrupt PST files and export them into multiple (required) file formats without losing data integrity. These working abilities of product make it worth investing upon. So, above declared details can be compromised. Apart from that, free trial version and every time tech support assistance are extra benefits that obligated me to check up and purchase the tool.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Product Review - Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery


When we talk about email server and some related terms, things get sophisticated automatically. In fact, you need to pay more attention to what is being discussed and how significant it is for you being the Exchange administrator. Exchange Server, though, is quite a lot in use in organizations all over the world, aimed at providing a secure email based communication. However, you cannot deny issues coming into view at different phases of Exchange Server implementation, while a few ones result in Exchange corruption or failure at the end of the day.

Fixing Exchange corruption needs professional Exchange Server Recovery software with ease of usage so that there is no extra overhead and data loss ultimately. Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery claims to repair the corrupt MS Exchange Server databases and restore all the inaccessible mailboxes in PST files, which you can directly import into Outlook client.

How it Works?

The software exhibits a simple and self-directive user interface that makes it Do-It-Yourself software. The 'Open EDB File' and 'Find EDB File' options help you to select or find the EDB file on the computer if you do not know its exact location.

After that, select your respective Exchange Server version to proceed.

Note: The Exchange Server version selected under 'Select Server Type' on the home screen must be accurate.

Scan the selected EDB file to fix corruption thoroughly. The software provides you with two options to scan the EDB file, i.e. Quick Scan and Extensive Scan.

  • Quick Scan is quite fast and gives desired results most of the times.
  • Extensive Scan is slow, but gives better results.
Select a scan option to continue scanning the corrupt EDB file. The software will start scanning the EDB file as per the scan mode selected and displays the following screen, indicating scan in progress.

Since the EDB file contains multiple users' mailboxes, it may take a while to scan all the mailboxes individually. With the mailboxes scanning finished, you can preview the items in the each mailbox. Go though the folders listed in a hierarchical view at the left, below the names of their respective mailboxes.

As you can see in the image above, selecting a folder in the left pane reveals its contents in the upper-right pane, while the preview of the individual item is displayed in the bottom-right pane. You can, in a like manner, go through each folder in the mailbox of individual user. The software allows saving all as well as selected folders in a mailbox, which is applicable for all the mailboxes in the EDB file.

With the required folders in each mailbox selected, proceed to save these mailboxes as individual PST files that can be imported into Outlook in a trouble-free way. Clicking the Save Mailbox option in the toolbar flashes a pop-up dialog asking for selecting Destination Path to save the PST files.

 Select destination to save the repaired mailboxes in individual PST files. You see the screen showing save mailbox.

 Key Features

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery has a large set of features that makes it a complete resolution for your Exchange related problems. You can easily repair your Exchange database with this software, in case they fail to behave normally or you find them corrupt. Well, the software has the following key features:

  • Ability to repair corrupt MS Exchange Databases irrespective of how corruption occurred.
  • Ability to recover deleted mailboxes from the Exchange Server.
  • Ability to display a preview of all repaired and recoverable mailbox items individually.
  • Ability to save all as well as selected mailbox items recovery.
  • Ability to save individual mailbox in a separate PST file.
  • Ability to generate a log report of the entire repair process.

  • User-friendly GUI
  • Easy to perform complex Exchange database repair task
  • Preview of mailbox contents
  • Extracts individual mailboxes as PST files
  • Support for Exchange Server up to 2010

  • Pricy tool
  • No support for Windows 8 or 8.1
  • No support for Exchange Server 2013

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is available in the following multiple versions:

  • Administrator License : $599
  • Technician License : $799
 The trial versions of both Administrator and Technician licenses are also available. You can download the trial version here and purchase paid version here.

Why Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery?

Stellar Data Recovery is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that specializes in Data Recovery Software and Services, dealing in various domains, such as Email, database repair and conversion, server tools, data recovery from Mac and Windows platforms, and more. The company provides in-lab data recovery services from a range of storage media, such as the hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, SD/DVD, RAID, and more. More than 2 million customers across the globe are satisfied with company's services.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery efficiently repairs the corrupt Exchange Server database and restores the contents of the mailbox in Outlook PST file. You can import the PST file directly into Outlook client and access your mailbox. The software keeps the contents of the original EDB file intact.

The Verdict

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery performs the intended job in a reliable manner, while the Exchange database remains intact. The individual PST files can be imported into Outlook with no extra efforts. The software for repairing the corrupt EDB files is efficient and I recommend using it whenever a need for such a tool is experienced.