Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tail for your smart mobile

For those who watch Movies, Television series on your mobile, this post is for you.

Many people including me have tendency of watching movies on my iPhone or any other smartphone which supports video streaming services like Netflix. A movie lasts at least for an hour. Holding an iPhone  which is 137grams for an hour is a pain.



So, I was looking around for a case which is light weight and can help to support in watching these videos for an hour long. I was interested in a simple design which doesn't add much weight to my iPhone. I found none for a while.

For quite a while, I pondered myself saying that iPhone is designed in such a way that no case on it looks good. It looks fantastic with its bear body.  I am sure most of you agree with me. Ofcourse, other mobiles looks fantasitc too.

At last, I bumped up into a site where they were selling Mobile Tail which looks like a tail of animal. Its a simple and quite interesting design. Looks designer feel their mobiles as pets. They have derived the concept of tail from this.

It's too flexible that it can hold your mobile vertically or horizontally and the angle can be easily changed by attaching the tail on a different spot on the back side.

ckie state  "A portion of the profits from selling this product will be donated to an animal preservation group".

Not but not the least, whats the length of the tail ? 

Its Length is 125 mm.  If you are interested, buy this on ckie.


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