Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Copying and Accessing data from Android Smartphone to Windows or Mac PC

From past few years, Android OS on mobile devices has created a great revolution in mobile market. Many smatphones using Android has significantly increased and millions of people around the world are using Android Smart phones.

When you buy and Android smart phone, you would love to take some snaps , take some videos and save important contacts. Though few are using cloud storage now-a-days to save their data online, many still prefer to copy their data to a Windows PC.

So, how do you do it ? 

Is a cable mandatory to connect your Android phone to Windows PC ? I don't think so. 

Can we do wirelessly ? Yes Ofcourse. There is no doubt about it.

There is an app which is free and fast. Its called AirDroid. As name states all data transfers over the air. Amazing isn't ?


AirDroid is fast ,free app that lets you wirelessly manage and control your Android from a web browser without cables.

With AirDroid you can capture remote screen shots, take photographs using phone camera, view your phone call logs and reply to SMS message from Windows PC. However, its not possible to initiate phone calls from the PC. May be coming version of AirDroid may provide this feature.

If your data port to Android smart phone is broken and if wifi works fine in your phone, Airdroid will be of much use to you.

To get it working, you first need to install Desktop client in your Windows or Mac PC first. You can download the client from  

Next download AirDroid app on your Android mobile. Download Android app from

Current AirDroid 3 is still not available in Google Play store. Get it beta version from here.


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